I started working through Debbie’s Staffing after getting laid off. It came a shock to everyone working there because it was all of a sudden. I knew I had bills still coming so I HAD to work. Working for half of the pay I was making was a struggle but by Debbie’s Staffing giving me steady work made things a lot easier. After a few months of working on production lines, I was offered a position as a Quality Auditor, which paid more in wages. During this process, a new representative for DS came, name Tracy Lucas. He treated all of us like we more than ‘just temps’. He took his job very seriously and made sure the workers were good. We could go to Tracy with concerns and he would listen and get them resolved. I am now a permanent employee of the company and have been at that facility for 8 years. Thank you Debbies Staffing for giving me the opportunity to work and thank you Tracy for encouraging me to take a chance to move up.