When Is the Right Time to Make a Career Move?

How do you know it’s time to make a career move? Maybe you think of yourself as relatively happy in your job, but all of a sudden that’s changing. Maybe you want new responsibilities or a higher salary. When do you know it’s time to actually start the process of leaving?

Here are four tips on knowing when it’s the right time to leave your job.

1. You’ve Been Praised for Your Work

If you want more salary or a better working environment, it’s good to have a positive opinion from your supervisor about your work. So if you just got a terrific performance appraisal or an award, start thinking about how to package your skills for a new employer.

2. Your Company Is Changing

Some change is good. But frankly, not all change is. If your company is changing in ways that affect your position negatively, it’s only human to start thinking about an exit. Maybe a supervisor you got along with well is retiring or moving to another location. Maybe positions like yours are being outsourced. Maybe your work hours are being cut, making it hard for you to make ends meet.

If anything like this is happening, a career move can help.

3. You Aren’t Likely to Move Upward

Whatever your career goals are, they might be stymied or impossible where you are. Maybe you’ve reached the ceiling for salaries at your position. Maybe your potential isn’t seen by your supervisor. Perhaps the people in jobs you regard as desirable promotional paths are already in place and not going anywhere.

There are many, many reasons your path to increased salaries or promotional positions might be blocked. If that’s true, a career move can help you move forward.

4. Departments Are in Conflict

While workplaces might want to be harmonious, not all of them are. If your department and another is in conflict, it might cause stress and challenging situations for you specifically. Say another department thinks it should do invoicing, and that’s part of your job. You might find yourself attacked unjustly for your work performance as part of the overall conflict.
Similarly, people can be in conflict. If your manager and another are fighting, or your colleagues don’t get along, the stress level might be rising. One solution is to get yourself out of the situation.

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