How to Engage With Millennial Employees

Engagement with all employees is crucial for a smoothly functioning and productive company. But it’s especially important to employees of the millennial generation, those in their mid-twenties to thirties now.


First, they are expected to make up half of all global employees by 2020. That’s just over two years away. If you don’t engage with millennials, you’ll risk half of your employees being asleep at the wheel.

Second, they are restless. They like a challenge and they like flexibility. If they don’t get either, they are likely to leave. Thirty percent of companies lost 15 percent of their millennials in a year, according to one survey.

So how do you engage with millennials? Here’s how.

Keep things open and transparent

Millennials like inclusiveness. Open plan offices, which include them at the heart of things, are popular with the age group. They like policies and procedures to be transparent. They are part of the digital native generation, where tons of information is immediately available online. (Digital natives don’t remember a time before the online world was available.) Make sure your policies and procedures are up there as well.

Give feedback frequently

As a digitally native generation, millennials are used to frequent feedback, from customer surveys to “likes” on their Facebook posts. The idea of an annual performance review may seem antique. Also, it may seem like something of an ambush not to give feedback closer to the time when events mentioned in an annual review happened.

Make information on benefits and perks available

Although millennials are part of a young generation in the workforce, they are likely to be very concerned with benefits. The availability of health insurance has been a large public issue over the last few years. The fact they need to save for retirement is also part of a public debate.

They are likely to be very interested in insurance plans and 401ks as a result and will appreciate a company that offers them. Employees who appreciate a company tend to be engaged with it.

Let them make a difference

Millennials are the happiest and most engaged when they are making a difference. They like to see the impact of their efforts. If your company spearheads a charity or is involved in sustainable and green efforts in the community, make sure Millennials can participate. It will increase their engagement.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

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