Are You Ensuring Your Company Is Active on Social Media? Candidates Will Be Looking!

Is your company active on social media? It should be. Facebook alone has close to 1 billion users every day. Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn have millions more. If you aren’t active on these channels, you could be losing touch with potential job candidates.

Candidates Look at Social Media, Especially Younger Ones

Specifically, you could be significantly losing touch with Millennials, candidates in their late twenties to late thirties, and Generation Z, the newest generation to hit the workforce. Generation Z are in their teens to early twenties.

These two age cohorts expect to see company news and job postings on social media. In fact, they may make no distinction between social media and any other kind. They may not look for jobs on any other form of media, like other online sites, your website, or print.

You can use social media for job postings, of course. But it’s also important to use it to publicize your company. People use social media to get their information now. If there’s no information on your company, it has no presence in the minds of potential job candidates.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Branding. Using social media is a great way to build your company’s brand. Having a good Facebook page or unique Instagram postings, for example, is a method of spreading the word about what a good corporate citizen your company is.

If you have community outreach activities such as sponsoring a local softball team, for instance, publicize it on social media. It’s a way to emphasize that you value the community, teamwork, and hard work.

The word will get out through multiple channels, not just through a press release.

  • Networking. Social media can be used to build company and employee networks. Some companies encourage their employees to post about the company’s activities and events by creating a post, tweet, or image they can use.

Do you have corporate employee appreciation strategies like an employee of the month, for example? Encourage winners and their friends to post, tweet, and place pictures on Instagram or other image-oriented social media.

Both current employees and potential employees hear of your company and associate employee appreciation with it.

Job Postings on Social Media

LinkedIn is probably the #1 site for job postings across the nation. It’s a good idea to post all your openings here because many job candidates hit it first.

But you can post job openings on multiple social media channels with very little effort. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all potential channels.

The benefits to posting on social media are many. Many people check their social media far more frequently than they check other sites, especially job-posting websites or your company websites. They check social media on the go as well, on mobile phones.

As a result, you get responses to job postings more quickly, and that can cut your time to hire, enhancing your efficiency.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

Staffing firms can provide valuable assistance to businesses in reviewing job posting plans, job descriptions, and social media postings.

We’re happy to help. Contact us today.