Are You Background Screening Your Employees?

If you’re not background screening your employees, you should be. Recruiting, interviewing, and training employees is a big business expense. It can cost up to two times a worker’s monthly salary or more. You want to make sure that the workers you hire will be productive going forward. But if you don’t do a background screen, you may not know that the people you’re hiring have had issues in the past that may affect the productivity, smooth functioning, and morale of your workplace.

You don’t want to have to let them go a few weeks or months after being hired because that means you start the cycle of spending time and money to recruit, interview, and train all over again. It costs your business, and you, time and money.

A Background Screen Can Stop a Bad Hire Before It Happens

Perhaps prospective hires have frequently called in sick or been chronically late to the start of their shifts. That will impact your productivity. Calling past employers would have alerted you to that pattern before you made the job offer.

Maybe they don’t actually have the expertise and background they claim to have. Many employees apply for jobs saying they have experience with equipment, for example, but the experience is much more limited than they say.

If you make sure their background is verified with a background screen, you’ll know they can do the job they say they can.

Perhaps they have issues with honesty. When small businesses fail, 30% of the time it’s caused by employee theft. You don’t want, and can’t afford, new workers who might steal your property and that of their coworkers. This can cause issues with morale as well as economic problems.

Perhaps they have a criminal record not disclosed on the application.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, issues with substance abuse are increasingly common. Substance abuse can affect productivity, reliability, and quality.

Your company can be liable if a poor hire causes someone to be injured, or their poor performance results in a dangerous product.

These issues and multiple others can cause a newly hired employee to be a bad hire. If these patterns are discovered after they’ve become an employee, you may have to terminate them.

Background checks can save you time and money, and make your business more productive.

A Staffing Agency Can Help Perform Background Checks

If you’ve been skimping on background screening because it seems time-consuming and expensive, let a staffing agency help. We are experienced at background screening, including verifying employment and checking records. We will assist you in making the best hires to make sure your business runs smoothly. Staffing agencies are pros at checking backgrounds. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.