Showing Employee Appreciation Is More Important Than You May Think

Do you think keeping your employees working and paid is a sufficient method of employee appreciation? Think again. Employees are very motivated by specific actions that show they are appreciated. They tend to be more loyal to firms and supervisors that appreciate them. More loyalty equals better retention, and less time and money expended to recruit new people.

Appreciated employees demonstrate higher morale, less absenteeism, and a better work ethic. It also promotes teamwork. A group of employees who feel appreciated tend to appreciate each other.

So, a specific employee appreciation program is a very good idea. The more motivated, engaged, loyal, and happy employees are, the more productive they are likely to be. And employee appreciation may not happen unless you make plans for it to happen.

Here are some ways to show appreciation.

Free food

Free food at regular intervals is a time-honored — and winning — way of showing appreciation. Make sure it’s linked with a “thank you for being such great employees” message. You can choose free pizza on Friday lunches, or free donuts every Monday morning.

Free food also provides a time for employees to congregate and chat. These opportunities are good for team bonding and engagement as well.

Rewards for top employees

A reward plan for top employees is another popular way of showing employee appreciation. Be sure to have the criteria for “top employee” well thought out and achievable by everyone. It could be the most productive worker in a given period (like a month) or someone who went above and beyond, like organizing a charity food drive or staying overtime to meet production quotas.

Keep the rewards simple but meaningful. A gift certificate to a popular restaurant or a gift card redeemable in a number of places are both good ideas.

Employee-of-the-month programs

Employee-of-the-month programs are a form of reward, but this time the reward is literally recognition and appreciation, rather than physical things or monetary gifts. The advantage is that it can be used as a way to motivate other employees to perform a desired behavior. If someone gets their task done more efficiently, for example, an employee-of-the-month program can spotlight what they do.

Employees of the month can be a profiled in your company newsletter or be the subject of plaques on the wall.

Holiday appreciations

You can show appreciation very easily on holidays, and it can extend to every employee so that no one feels overlooked.

Winter holidays like New Year’s and Christmas are natural times to reflect back on the year. You can appreciate employees through parties, thank-you e-mails for being a great team during the year, bonuses if applicable, and extra time off for holiday planning.

Midsummer holidays like the Fourth of July are also good times to reward employees, with picnics and time off.

Employee appreciation is very important for motivation, loyal, morale, and ultimately, retention and productivity. These four methods can make sure that your appreciation is noted and felt by your employees.

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