7 Tips for Improving Team Communication

Whether you work in a factory, a warehouse, or an office environment, teams are often the primary unit that gets work done. That means that good team communication is of the utmost importance.

Most teams, though, could stand to improve their communication. Here are 7 tips that will drive better team communication throughout your company.

Determine what communication method works best — and use it

The optimal team communication method can vary. It depends on multiple factors, including the function of the team and the personalities within it.

So one of the best ways of improving communication is to determine what method works best — and use it. Whether it’s weekly meetings, e-mails, Slack, or impromptu morning gat-togethers, experiment and use the method that is best for everyone.

Realize that everyone communicates differently

Realize that everyone communicates differently. If your method is meetings, for example, some people will talk and some people will listen. Some people work best by communicating in writing; others do better with verbal communication. Identify the communication styles of your team.

Be clear about assignments

In every team, individual assignments need to be clear, to reduce the risk of overlap (and loss of productivity) and to make sure no one resents another team member. Clearly communicate assignments and communicate them frequently.

Lead by example

If you want things done a certain way, leading by example is the best way to do it. If you want everyone to come to work on time, make sure you arrive on time or early. If you want team colleagues to show respect to each other, treat them all respectfully.

Provide frequent feedback

Just as cars benefit from regular tune-ups, teams and individual employees benefit from feedback. If the team is performing well, let them know at regular intervals. If improvement is needed, let them know that as well. Be specific. Individual employees should get regular feedback as well.

Support team leaders

Most teams need a leader. You can either identify these or have the team choose. Support the team leader; don’t be neutral or undermine them or the team will weaken, and its communication may be damaged.

Plan activities to maintain morale

Positive morale needs a plan. Make sure that you have planned activities to maintain good morale among the team. Happy hours, pizza lunches, or specific forms of appreciation, like Team of the Month, can all work to make the team feel appreciated and to foster informal communication or reward the communication that exists.

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