How to Stop an Ex-Employee From Destroying Your Company

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An ex-employee who is disgruntled and angry at your company can, unfortunately, damage your company. They may spread rumors in the community that it’s not a good place to work. They may badmouth your company with employees who still work there. They may try to steal from the company, either computer data or other material. They may try to take legal action that could damage your company.

Despite the multiplicity of ways an ex-employee could try to destroy your company, the ways to stop the damage are clear. You need to prevent the possibility and likelihood of any of these events happening. Here’s how.

  1. Provide clear guidelines and training about job expectations

The first protective measure is to always provide clear guidelines about what is expected from your employees on the job. Let them know the goals of their job and the timelines.

Second, always train your employees for their jobs. Make sure that any questions they have about how to do tasks are answered.

  1. Document and communicate any underperformance

If, despite guidelines and training, you have an underperforming employee, be sure to document any underperformance. Your goal is to make sure that the employee has a chance to improve and that any disciplinary action or termination does not come as a surprise.

This means you must put in writing what the areas of underperformance are, and give the employee clear steps that must be done in order to improve. It’s also wise to provide a reasonable time line of when the improvement must take place.

  1. If termination is necessary, do it fairly and respectfully

If the underperformance isn’t rectified in the timeline given, you can of course terminate the employee. Be sure the termination process is conducted fairly and respectfully. Have a human resources person present when the termination takes place.

  1. Protecting Your Property

Be sure to make your property secure after a termination. Being fired may make some employees want to retaliate. If they had computer access, make sure they can no longer access any computers. If they had passes or keys to your premises, make sure you obtain these before they leave or change the codes and keys.

  1. Protect against cybercrime

Ex-employees may be in a position to damage your company whether they are terminated or not. If employees have access to computers or to information that can be used to hack into computers, they can do considerable damage. They can freeze your computer systems, making the conduct of your business impossible. That can lose your revenues and even clients.

The key here is prevention as well. Be sure that your computers and software systems are secure. Don’t try to skimp on expenses in information technology.

  1. Protect your property

Disgruntled employees can also try to destroy your physical premises. They may try to break into windows or doors, or use access granted when they were employees.

Here, too, make sure your property is securely locked at night. Invest in security systems that deter intruders, whether they are ex-employees or not.


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