This 1-Minute Trick Will Help You Ace Your Interview

Everyone wants advice that will help them do well on a job interview, right?

Well, you’ve probably done most of the things you need to do. Prepared talking points about your qualifications and background, researched the company, dressed professionally, and showed up on time.

But there’s one quick method that will boost your confidence and may make interviewers see you in a whole new light.

The Art of Power Posing

It’s called “power posing.” Essentially, it means standing, sitting, and moving confidently, with power and ease.

In one power pose, the Wonder Woman, for example, people stand with their feet apart, hands on your hips, and their chin tilted upward. They take up space as if it’s their right to do so.

Confident people stand this way naturally. Unconfident people, on the other hand, tend to look down, draw themselves inward, and not make eye contact. They look uncomfortable taking up space.

Why It Works

The idea behind power posing is if you behave and move as if you are confident, you become so. Your body poses not only send a message to other people, they send a message to you.

Too often, people try to enhance their confidence or build self-esteem by talking to themselves internally. “You can do it” or “remember how great you were at your last job” can be internal sayings to boost your confidence for an interview.

There’s nothing wrong with that. However, changing your body language works better.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to put power posing to work for you is to practice it. After all, moving with confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Stand straight. Look directly at people. Take up space. Don’t pull in your arms, but let them hang naturally at your sides. Sit in a confident way.

The more you practice, the more power posing will become part of daily life — and the more it will help you ace a job interview.

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