5 Great Ways to Follow up After Your Job Interview

Think you’re done once you walk out of the interview? Think again! Follow-up actions are very important in clinching the interview and getting the job. Here are five great ways to follow up after your interview to increase your chances of getting the job.

Write a thank-you email or letter

It’s very important to write a thank-you note to everyone you interviewed with. It’s part of the unwritten rules of interviewing. Send the note by email or letter within 24 hours of the interview. Use business cards, if you received them, or LinkedIn to make sure you have the right addresses and correct spelling of all names. Call the office if necessary.

Highlight your qualifications

The thank-you note is the perfect time to lightly touch on your qualifications and experience again. Some interviewees send more information related to what they discussed at the interview. Say you work in 3D printing, and the local newspaper recently ran an article about its flexibility. Attach the article to your thank-you email and say something like “As we discussed, one of the innovative elements of 3D printing is its flexibility. Here’s more information…”

Showcase your enthusiasm

Every company likes enthusiastic employees. Use the thank-you note to make clear you think highly of the position and the company. A phrase like “it would be a pleasure to work for a company that contributes as much to the local community as ABC Corp.” will suffice.

Mention things you forgot or didn’t have time to cover

It could be something that slipped your mind due to interview anxiety or the interview came to an end before you could mention everything relevant. If the interviewer mentioned the importance of punctuality, for example, and you didn’t bring up that you received an award for never perfect work attendance last year, now’s your chance.

Display your communication skills

No matter what the job, communication is important. Being able to communicate by email is especially important. No matter what aspect you bring up, make sure your email is clear, well-organized, and to the point. Read it carefully for spelling and grammar accuracy. The thank-you email represents you. Make sure it does so well.

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