Does Your Current Company Value You?

In some companies, it’s very easy to tell if employees are valued. They are praised, given raises and bonuses, and become good friends with their supervisors.


In other companies, though, it’s not so easy to tell. Some supervisors – and some organizational cultures – think open praise and friendship may not be good incentives. Employees may begin to coast on praise. Supervisors may be cautious about being seen to be friendly, as people might believe they have favorites. And raises and bonuses may be more tied to how the company is doing than to whether employees are particularly valued.

So how do you tell if your company values you? Here’s some tips.

They ask for your input

If supervisors ask for your input, you are valued. Whether it’s feedback on how a new system or process is working or how a new hire is doing, asking for input from you is a sign that they respect your opinion.

They come to you with new assignments

When new assignments occur, if you are the person they ask first, it’s also a sign of respect. They expect you to do a good job. They will likely tap you for feedback about any improvements and whether things are working.

They tap you for new responsibilities

If you singled out for new responsibilities, it’s always a very good sign. Whether it’s leading a meeting or helping develop the team, new responsibilities are a sign that your manager thinks you are ready to grow. New responsibilities can be a stepping stone to a promotion. It’s a sign that you are strongly valued.

They ask you to train new hires

Training new hires is a step up in responsibility for most people. Managers would never ask it of people they didn’t value and trust – there’s too much at stake in terms of productivity and even company expense.

How a Staffing Firm Can Assist You in the Job Search

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