Three Different Ways to Motivate Your Team

Motivation is highly important to keep your team working at a productive level and retaining your employees. While salaries and benefits are important to recruitment, motivation can make the difference in keeping people for the long term.

Here are three ways to motivate your team.

Create a good environment

One key motivator is simple: your staff should like coming to work. You need to create a good working environment. One element is the physical surroundings. Make sure that the space is clean, well-maintained, and updated. Your office equipment should be in good working order. Make sure that safety standards are followed.

Another element is the team. Strive for a team that’s free of conflict and works well together.

Be a supportive manager

The second key motivator is being a supportive manager – and being perceived as a supportive manager. Supportive managers are respectful and honest toward their team. They communicate well.

Don’t just assume that you are perceived as respectful, honest, and a good communicator. Take the time for one-on-one meetings to make sure that your staff feels respected, that they understand company goals as it pertains to their work, and that they understand your communications.

Find out what the goals of your team members are. If they would like to progress within the company and have the ability to do so, developing a promotional path for them is a great motivator.

Develop methods of rewarding your employees

Rewards are a great motivator. Plans for further training and development are often greatly appreciated – and are a good way for employees to look forward to coming to work. There are many ways to reward your employees, however. Does your company have profit-sharing plans? Those are tremendous motivators, because they link the performance of the company to the compensation employees receive.

Company celebrations around milestones can also be excellent motivators. If you’ve had a good year, for example, celebrate with a blowout end-of-year party. Your employees feel appreciated and are motivated to continue the good work.

Working With a Staffing Agency

Looking for motivational methods to retain your staff. A staffing agency can help. They can also comb their networks for top performers. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.