5 Short Non-Work Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute

Whether your commute to work Is two hours long or can be accomplished in 15 minutes, it’s valuable time in which you can depressurize from work, learn new things, and even have fun. While many people listen to music or enjoy the scenery on their commutes, there’s an increasingly popular alternative: the podcast.

Podcasts are, of course, downloadable programs that you can listen to anytime. But their variety makes them ideal for commuting. Are sports your thing? There’s a podcast (actually, many) for that. Like learning about current events? Catch up with a podcast. Just wanna have fun? Humorous podcasts abound. Here 5 short podcasts to make your commute something you look forward to every day.

Fresh Air by NPR

Fresh Air’s Terry Gross is a legendary interviewer, and you can see why on this popular radio show. She’s interviewed everyone from Jay-Z to Howard Stern in a career that spans decades. While Fresh Air keeps on top of pop culture, it’s equally likely to have a guest who’s in the news headlines or has written a best-seller.

Death, Sex, and Money by WNYC

Death, Sex, and Money is a podcast from New York City radio station WNYC that discusses…well, death, sex, and money. In other words, topics that people often aren’t comfortable talking about, ranging from being flat broke to being a recovering heroin addict or dealing with the death of a spouse. The interviewees can range from the very famous to the completely unknown, and are both compassionate and fascinating.

Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr

If you like to laugh or are an aficionado of stand-up, this podcast is for you. Bill Burr is an insightful comedian who takes everything from sports to politics to pop culture as his subject matter. It’s like listening to your funniest friend, and then some. His wife Nia joins in at times. The podcast takes place on Monday’s as its title implies, and also on Thursdays.

Still Processing by The New York Times

This is a very wide-ranging podcast featuring two New York Times writers, Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris. They discuss entertainment, politics, and pop culture. They discuss not only their reactions to everything from climate change policies to the decluttering phenomenon, but why they react as they do.

The Fantasy Footballers by Fantasy Football Podcast

Okay, sports fans, this one’s for you. This covers both fantasy football and entertainment with drive and verve. It’s a great podcast if you’re a fanatic for sports, but also a great one just to have in rotation with the others. Will it help you win the fantasy football office pool? Well, stay tuned to find out.

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