Looking for That First Job After School? Try a Staffing Firm.

If you’ve recently graduated from either college or high school, you may be looking for your first full-time job. Looking for jobs after you’ve graduated can be challenging. First, there’s the common dilemma of people entering the workforce: Many jobs require experience, but how do you get a job that requires experience if you don’t have any? Second, you may not be certain of what type of job you want or what sector you want to work in. 

In both instances, a staffing firm can really help you. Here’s how. 


Staffing firms have a large number of jobs

Working with a staffing agency gives you access to many more jobs than you might find on your own. Looking through company websites to find jobs is much more time-consuming, and may result in your not finding any jobs for which you’re qualified. Even surfing through job-posting sites is likely to result in fewer jobs to apply to than a staffing agency would have. 

Staffing firms can place you in temporary assignments

Temp work can be the friend of any recent graduate, for several reasons. 

Companies hire temp workers because they have jobs that need to be filled. Many of these are entry level. The companies will train a temp for what needs to be done, so the first advantage is temp assignments don’t require previous experience. 

The second advantage is that many companies use the temp pool as a try-out assignment. If you do a good job, have an outstanding work ethic and are pleasant to be around, they will take note and may hire you for a permanent position if one becomes available. 

Third, temp work allows you the benefits of a job while you’re looking for a permanent position. You will be earning money and can put the experience on your resume. 

Staffing firms can give you advice on the job search

Finally, staffing agencies are pros at placing people in jobs. They can give you advice on positions that would suit you, interviewing and more. Staffing agencies are valuable sources of information on jobs in your area. 


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