Start the Day Off by Saying Good Morning to Your Employees

All too many people don’t say good morning at the beginning of the work day. Whether it’s because they haven’t had enough coffee or had an exceptionally bad trek to the office, a simple “good morning” too often goes by the wayside at work. 

In fact, you should start the day by making sure that you say “good morning” to your employees, for several reasons. 

It sets a pleasant tone.

Pleasantness and civility aren’t always givens in the workplace. These qualities need to be set from the top. If they are, pleasantness and civility become part of the corporate culture. If they’re not, the opposite of pleasantness and civility can start to grow.  

Saying good morning sets a pleasant, collegial tone. Say good morning to your employees and you’ll find they say it back, and to each other. 

It acknowledges your employees.

Acknowledge of employees is important. It’s easy for employees to feel overlooked and underappreciated if they aren’t acknowledged as you walk by in the morning. Those negative feelings could result in low morale and high turnover. 

It lets employees know you are around for the day.

Managers often sit in a different place than their employees. If care isn’t taken to establish basic communication at the onset of the day, employees could either wonder whether you’ve come in or actually feel like you’re not around. “Good morning” establishes that leadership is in the house! 

It lets employees know you are there for them.

Employers and employees need to communicate openly. At a minimum, you staff needs to know their priorities, how to meet them, and who is available if they have questions. They need to feel you as interested in their performance and their welfare. 

If you seldom approach your staff, open communication could become strained or difficult. Your presence could be felt as intimidating. “Good morning” is a steady, daily communication that builds a bridge to good employee communication, and it improves the employer-employee relationship. 


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