How To Get Employees Out of Bed and Into Work

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If we’re honest about it, we all have days when getting up and going to work doesn’t sound enjoyable. The dog is curled up just so, or the bed is extra comfortable, or there’s a big presentation that’s been causing a lot of stress. If managers feel that way, it’s likely that employees do as well. 

So how can you motivate your workers to come into the office if the paycheck alone isn’t incentive enough? 

Here are three things to consider: 

Be an encouraging, respectful, and supportive manager.

This might seem obvious, but take a moment to consider whether your employees have started coming to you less often with questions, seeking advice or guidance. If there appears to be dissension, it might be time to do something to boost morale. If employees feel valued, they’re more likely to look forward to coming to work.

Welcome feedback and share positive comments.

Workers who feel overlooked or underappreciated won’t be motivated to work as hard. Offering them a chance to shine and praising a job well done can go a long way toward keeping them happy and in their current position. By doing this, your employees are less likely to look for a position elsewhere. If your employees might be less inclined to speak with you directly about their concerns, try the old-fashioned suggestion box or an online way to submit comments anonymously. (And don’t try to determine who said what; focus on addressing the problem.) 

Be flexible but fair.

Employees who feel a coworker is getting special treatment or seems to miss a lot of work won’t be motivated to come to work consistently. Make sure paid time off is allotted fairly and evenly. This can be accomplished by making sure the same people aren’t out all the time, making it difficult for other employees to take their hard-earned vacations. If someone’s taking advantage and always calling out sick when a big project is due, request a doctor’s note. Also, consider rewarding employees who are always in on time and who you can see are working hard to meet their deadlines. If a long-time employee has an unexpected situation arise, try to suggest a telecommute option instead of demanding, they show up at the office. 

The old ways of doing things

Expecting employees to show up and work hard for you just because you’re the boss, getting rewarded “only” with a paycheck — have changed. Being the kind of boss you’d like to work can do wonders for your employees and, in turn, increase their productivity, boost morale and improve attendance. 

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