Showcasing Your Skills During an Interview

Showcasing Your Skills During An Interview

The biggest hurdle in getting a new job is landing an interview. 

When you’ve nailed that, and you’re getting ready to sit down and have a big conversation with a prospective new employer, how do you make sure you’re conveying all your skills and abilities? 

There’s only so much time and space to talk, and your resume can only provide so much detail. What’s the best way to communicate all that makes you great in a limited amount of time and make it clear that you’re the best choice for the job? 

Here are a few things to keep  in mind: 

Use your experience as an example of what you can do for the company

Were you active in bringing on new customers or clients? Have you launched new initiatives that increased productivity? Can you provide specific details — percentage growth, number of new clients, rate of return customers, etc– that show off your skills? Talk up ways in which you’ve helped coworkers overcome their challenges as that demonstrates leadership and good team skills. 

Walk-in prepared 

Do some homework before you go in for the interview. Have some idea in mind of not only the position you want, but why you want to join their team. What do you like about the company? What impresses you? What changes would you make? How can your work history make you a great addition to this team? Again, be specific, but show that you know how you’d fit into the workforce.

Offer more

There won’t be enough time to go over every task you’ve done, every great idea you’ve had or every lesson you’ve learned in your working life. An interview is meant to introduce you to the company and vice versa. Throughout the conversation, if the opportunity arises, feel confident in what you’ve done to offer to provide additional information or work samples for their consideration after the meeting’s over. It’s another opportunity to keep your name in their minds and show off what you’ve done. 

Don’t forget: Presentation is important

Make sure you look your best — clean suit, tidy hair, and nails, fresh breath, for starters. They know you’ll be a little nervous, but take a deep breath before getting started, offer a friendly but firm handshake. Speak clearly, not too fast, and make good eye contact. Don’t fidget or interrupt. Your resume and interview responses will win or lose the day, but a good first impression can go far. 

Be an advocate for yourself and your abilities and show them why you’d be a great fit for their team. 

Find your next opportunity!

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