Is Your Hiring Process Too Long? This is What Could Happen

Hiring process too long

When the time comes to find a new employee, hiring managers want to make sure they’ve done their due diligence in collecting a good number of resumes and reviewing many of them. 

There comes the point when the hiring and interview process just takes too long, and the best candidates have already been scooped up by another company. 

Recognize the dangers of taking a deliberate hiring process and dragging it out. 

Losing the candidate 

When a highly qualified applicant indicates she’s ready to look for a new job, it won’t take long for companies to begin inundating her with offers, interviews, and opportunities. If your company is among them, that’s wonderful, but the longer your hiring process, the more likely she is to go elsewhere. Why wait when multiple companies are offering increasing salaries? 

You’ll lose money 

It’s estimated that U.S. companies spend about $3,500 per candidate to recruit a new employee. If you put that time and effort into a candidate who is off the market by the time you make an offer, it’s wasted resources that could have been better spent elsewhere. 

It sends a bad message

A survey found some job hunters believed waiting two weeks between initial interview to receiving an offer was too long to wait.  A quarter of people asked said, waiting up to three weeks was too long. If you’re not showing candidates you’re seriously interested in having them join your team, they’ll move on to another opportunity. 

Your current team will pay the price

Losing an employee is hard on a company, but it hits the now-shorthanded team the most. The longer it takes to find a new person and bring them up to speed, the longer the team has to make do, and the more resentment builds. It might even entice someone else to start looking for a greener pasture. 

Unintended consequences include damage to your brand

It might not seem fair, and it’s not, but in the age of social media, a candidate can quickly review and comment on your hiring process even if they never get an offer. That negative feedback can spread through the talent pool and drive away other potentially interested job seekers. 

This is not to say a company should rush into a bad hire. This is to serve as a bit of advice that the clock is ticking for you, from the moment you bring in an interview. Streamline and condense your process and get higher-quality hires in less time. 

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