3 Ways to Stand Out as a Top Manufacturing Candidate

stand out as a candidate

It’s a given that employers receive multiple, maybe dozens, of resumes for each manufacturing job that’s posted. That means yours will be a needle in a proverbial haystack of options on a hiring manager’s desk. 

How do you stand out? How can you make sure your resume is noticed and set aside to be contacted for an interview? 

Here are three pieces of advice to help you stand out among the crowd. 

1. Address their needs and your skills upfront.

Companies hire because there’s a need that must be addressed. Tell them, right away in your cover letter, how you can fill the gap in their staffing. Talk about your skills and experience in a way that discusses your experience in the position for which you’re applying and make it clear you’d be ready to jump in on the first day and be an asset. Back this up in your resume by highlighting your experience with tangible results and accomplishments. 

2. Apply early.

Think of a clean table. When the first few pieces of mail are placed on it, they stand out and are easily viewed and accessible. You want your resume to be one of those early pieces of mail! Applying to a job that appeals to you promptly will give you a better chance of being toward the top of the pile, and it speaks to your eagerness about the job and your ability to be punctual. 

3. Prepare for the interview with good answers and questions.

You’ll inevitably hear a lot of the same expected interview questions — what interested you about the job, where do you see yourself in five or 10 years, why are you the right person for the job. Think about these questions in advance and find ways to answer them with your own personal touches. Have anecdotes ready to connect your life and experience with the job. Also, prepare some bold questions about the job, including why the position is open, how long people stay with the company, and whether there’s anything you can explain or tell them to show them you’re the person for the job. Take it a step further and do your research on the company, then take in a few thoughts or suggestions on their big new project or how you think the job you’re applying for can be made more effective. 

Lead with personality and preparation and close with charm and confidence. Looking for a job is tricky, but there’s only one you and you’ll be the best candidate for the job if you can demonstrate from the beginning that you’ve got what the company’s looking for. 

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