How Can You Make the Onboarding Process More Enjoyable?

onboarding process

Bringing new employees onto your team should be an exciting time. There’s a new person to get to know, new skills and talents to learn and utilize, a new personality added into your mix. 

Onboarding, however, can sometimes feel like drudgery, for managers and employees alike. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Onboarding can be much more entertaining, educational, and even — dare we say it — kind of fun. 

Here are some tips on how to make your onboarding process less of a chore and more of an enriching experience. 

1. Welcome them with swag.

Everyone likes free stuff, right? People will make all kinds of noise and fuss for a free t-shirt at sporting events, concerts, etc. Why not create a little welcoming kit for your new team members that includes some branded items? They can be related to your workplace: a tape measure with your company logo, or maybe a set of gloves. Throw in a t-shirt, coffee mug, maybe a keychain or something for their cell phones, and that’s a nice gift anyone would appreciate on their first day. 

2. Make it a game.

Onboarding doesn’t have to be limited to PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and forced conversations. Some companies have created scavenger hunts to help the new hires learn their way around the company, physically, and meet their new colleagues along the way. Others have devised online games to review company history, industry standards, and guidelines, and important workplace culture information. 

3. Provide lunch.

It might not be standard practice, but giving everyone — or at least all new hires — a chance to sit down and have lunch together can be a nice break in the day that helps them connect. If it’s not possible for everyone in the company to get together for pizza or sandwiches, bring together a sizable portion of a team so the new hires can talk with the established workers. It’s a fun getting-to-know-you activity that’s more relaxed than just walking around and saying hellos. 

4. Try some trivia.

This can take place on the new hire’s first day, or maybe at the end of their first week. Pick a list of fun, lighthearted questions about music, books, movies, or the person’s interests and ask away. It’ll spark conversation among colleagues later and will help everyone get to know each other a little better before the heavy lifting work begins. 

5. Make the first day — and first impression — a positive and memorable one.

Have the new person come in a little later to not get caught up in the early morning, or early shift, rush. Keep any mandatory sessions on the short side to not overwhelm them with tasks or things they’ll need to know but won’t be able to remember. Take it easy on the new person, and yourself, and ease them into their new job as much as possible for the first day. Ramp things up after that. 

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to help kick off a new employee’s onboarding process in a positive way is to reach out before they start. Reintroduce yourself, welcome the person to the team and reiterate how excited you are that he or she will be joining you soon. If they’re not starting immediately, check-in once or twice and provide little details about their first day to help them get excited too. 

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