How to Prepare for a Career Boost Post- COVID-19

career post-COVID

The world has changed pretty dramatically in the past few months. Millions have found themselves without jobs while industries have been forcibly shuttered in the name of safety. 

When companies start to open their doors again and begin hiring new workers, how can you make sure to stand out? How do you prepare for a post-COVID-19 world and make sure you come out on top? 

Here’s some advice. 

1. Use the time to determine what you want 

Whether you’re furloughed or still working — or working remotely — think about your job. Do you like it? Do you hate it? What skills do you have that might translate to another job? What skills do you think you should have? Are you where you want to be in your career? Think carefully about those questions and use the answers to help you figure out where and how you want to grow.

2. Update your resume

Are there skills you’ve acquired that aren’t reflected on your resume? Or maybe it just needs a little touching up as it’s been a while since you’ve looked at it. While you’ve got the time, look over your resume and make yourself stand out. Be specific about your accomplishments and achievements and use strong, bold verbs to show how you’ve made a difference and added to your company’s success. Use specifics when possible and make sure you’re putting your best impression on paper. Once you’ve updated your resume, make changes to your LinkedIn profile as well.

3. Pick up a new skill

Time away from work is a gift that can be translated into a number of things. Have you always wanted to take an online course that’s related to your line of work? Now’s a great time to learn more about time management, ways to boost productivity and efficiency, maybe even learn a language — spoken or programming. These are skills that can make you more valuable to your next employer, or your current one.

4. Expand your network

Are you a member of any professional organizations that pertain to your job? Are there any clubs or groups that pique your interest and might help you advance your skills or your knowledge? This is a great time to (virtually!) meet new people who could become great connections as the world opens up again.

These are unusual times in which we’re living, but things will return to normal eventually. Make sure your new normal is one that leads to the future you want. 

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