Reshaping Talent Mobility with AI

reshape talent with AI

Despite alarming cries that “the robots are coming and taking our jobs!” the expanding and ever-changing world of artificial intelligence might make jobs easier for people. It might also create thousands of additional jobs in fields that are just starting to develop. 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the broad name given to processes, programs, and technology that can help streamline some functions and jobs and may, yes, replace human workers in some jobs to some extent. 

But AI can also help make some jobs easier and more efficient. Consider how AI can help hiring managers and HR tasks, especially when it comes to finding new talent: 

1. Streamline recruiting while finding more candidates.

Some programs can scan resumes and identify the candidates most likely to be a good fit for a given position. Technology can cross-reference and sort through qualifications and keywords to find the best matches for what your company is looking for at the time. There are programs that can help track the interview process, from the release of a job ad through hiring, allowing you to keep information about promising candidates easily accessible when the right position comes along. And it’s all done automatically.

2. Monitoring compliance.

The need to adhere to regulations is a big problem for companies, as it’s time-consuming, and it can be confusing to remember which audits need to be run at which time. Luckily, AI can help with that too. Not only can it provide automated alerts when an audit is due, but it can also help write those reports by storing and securing data daily through an integrated system of information and intelligence. Plus, relying on technology to obtain and report this information means what you provide will be of higher quality and less likely to raise eyebrows. 

3. Easy access to important data.

We’ve all had days when an important document goes missing in a file or is harder to find than it should be. Those panic-filled moments and cold sweats can be a thing of the past through automation and paperless data collection and filing. Sales numbers, recruiting numbers, retention statistics, even simple benefits, and insurance data are available with a few clicks, thanks to AI. 

4. Efficiencies all around.

There are some tasks that aren’t a big deal but take up precious time. AI can make it possible to better allocate your time to more important, pressing matters by handling some of those regularly scheduled tasks without having to be told or reminded. Like those old “set it and forget it” commercials: Input a command once, create a schedule, and it’s done! 

5. Better communication with employees.

If workers complain that there aren’t enough opportunities for training or advancement, but your company regularly offers classes or workshops or provides information about such opportunities regularly, AI can make sure this information is getting directly to employees through emails, text messages, and other automated, digital avenues. This also reminds employees that your company wants to invest in them and their careers, which can help improve retention rates while building talent from within. 

Not every company will need to adopt AI throughout the organization. Not all tools apply to all jobs. But with a little exploration and consideration, you can find ways to make your tasks easier and more efficient with the help of technology. 

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