Skills You Should Have to Land Your Next Welding Position

skills to land your next welding position

Welders are a crucial component of any construction or labor site, but they need the right skills to do the job well. 

If you’re looking to start a career in welding and want to know what it takes to be the best, here are a few tips on the most important skills to have to stand out and get a great job. 

1. Communication and interpersonal skills.

Welders need to listen closely to what their supervisor says when explaining a job to understand the customer’s needs. Any deviation from instructions results in work being done twice, adding to the task’s completion time and possibly leaving an unhappy customer. It’s also important to communicate quickly and clearly with your team so everyone is on the same page. 

2. Physical stamina.

Welders spend most of the eight-hour workday on their feet. They need good strength in their legs for standing and steady, strong arm muscles to maintain control of their torch. That’s also why hand-eye coordination is so important to avoid slips or mistakes. 

3. Math skills.

Welders need to understand the dimensions of the task at hand and make quick and accurate calculations while also reading blueprints and sketches to secure everything in the right place. Good spatial reasoning is also important for welders to understand how everything fits together and where reinforced melts are crucial. 

4. Metallurgy and welding types.

Some metals strengthen others when melted, while others weaken the structural integrity of the construction. A welder has to know which and when to apply various types of welds to meet the job demands. Knowing the right types of metal to use for a job, for the right structural integrity and strength, is at the core of being a good welder. 

5. A willingness to learn new techniques.

The basic premise — of melting metal to create strong bonds — won’t change, but the tools used to weld can, and do, and will continue. New tools and techniques will always come up, and it’s good to be an eager and willing student who wants to keep up their skills and learn the latest applications to do the job well. An interest in learning other skills and the ability to use other tools can only help add to a welder’s literal and figurative tool kit, making them an even more valuable employee. 

A bright future is within reach for welders willing to put in the work, learn the right skills, and always strive to do better. 

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