Why Employee Feedback is Essential for the Health of Your Business This Year

employee feedback

This article will go into the importance that employee feedback has on the health of your business.

The new year is a great time to try and throw open the proverbial windows, let in some fresh air, and start things on the right foot. It might also be a good time to incorporate some new practices, like encouraging and considering employee feedback.

It might sound like a silly idea or something that might not be the best use of a manager’s time, but there are real benefits to be enjoyed from listening to employees. It might help make your company stronger!

Here’s why paying attention to employee feedback is vital for your company’s success and health:

Feedback allows employees to feel more ownership and investment in the company.

If employees know their comments will be taken into consideration and carry weight, they begin to see themselves differently. It can allow some to see that they have an important role in how everyone works together and contributes to its overall success. It might even inspire hard work and a stronger commitment as they hope to gain more trust and responsibilities and increased respect from their team.

It’s an easy way to increase employee engagement.

If employees cannot only give feedback on the company but also receive feedback on their participation and work, they are more likely to feel invested in the company. They want to know if they’re doing a good job or areas in which they could improve. Younger workers especially want to know how they can learn and advance in their careers, building upon their experiences and continue working toward the next level. Without that feedback, they feel isolated and ignored and will, in turn, be less engaged and invested in the company and their role in it.

Feedback from their peers carries weight and will be taken seriously.

If employees on the same team can have constructive conversations on their respective work responsibilities and outputs, it can help bring things out into the open. It can be an effective way to address conflict or tension between members of the same team, allowing everyone to get on the same page, clear up issues and begin to make amends, and move forward. On the other hand, regular feedback can cut problems off before they develop, and things worsen. The ability to receive and provide feedback regularly is healthy and helps decrease tension in the workplace.

It provides a sense of meaning and purpose to an employee’s work life.

Anyone who’s ever felt overlooked and underappreciated knows that it’s very difficult to be motivated to give all you can for someone who, it seems, doesn’t know or understand what you contribute daily. Instead, feeling like an individual’s contribution matters, that each person’s work has importance and can help make a crucial difference in overall success,  makes quite a difference! People who frequently give or receive feedback have a greater sense of appreciation and help make the company successful. This contributes to an improved and an expanded sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Everyone has a role to play, and everyone has a job to do when it comes to a company’s overall success. If employees understand their contributions on a larger scale and feel like they do and how they feel matters, it can make a huge change overall!


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