Feeling Overwhelmed? Take Back Control with These 3 Strategies

Let’s be honest. As much as it’s a cliché, we’re living in really weird, stressful, and difficult times. 

We’re trying to stay safe and protect ourselves, our friends, and our family from a virus. We’re trying to do our best at work. We’re trying to keep everything going in the face of a lot of uncertainty. That’s a lot to take! 

If people are being honest, we’ve all had days when things are too much to handle without feeling overwhelmed. Even without the pandemic, life seems to be increasingly stressful, juggling our obligations at home and work while trying to get ahead in life. 

Take a deep breath. Here are some pointers for how to regain control, at least for a few minutes, when things feel overwhelming. 

  • Create an outline.

    Whether it’s a to-do list, a list of priorities, or a series of goals or steps needed to accomplish a task, write it out. The simple act of putting things on paper, whether physical or digital, can help organize your thoughts and reduce stress. Putting something down can help break a big project down into smaller, more manageable pieces and steps, making the massive seem minor, or at least more approachable. If needed, modify your list or outline throughout the day, or once a week, to keep things fresh and reflective of the current priorities. 

  • Learn how to be in the moment.

     If you find yourself feeling stuck or trapped and unable to move forward, stop. Take a breath. Close your eyes and breath deeply. If needed, get up from your desk or workstation, get some water, or take a lap around the building. Take a moment to rest and clear your head. That little break can help you reset and refocus, giving you a chance to figure out the best way to proceed without feeling flustered. Do what you can do right now. Determine what the single most important thing is that needs to be accomplished right now. There will always be other things! 

  • Talk it out.

    Whether it’s with a manager, colleague, or someone outside work, if you’re feeling flustered, find someone you can talk to. This person can help you find a way forward or can be a sympathetic ear. The outside perspective can bring a new, fresh approach to your situation or support and understand the stress you’re feeling. A manager who understands where you’re coming from can help to decide whether there’s too much on your plate to solve all the problems you’re facing effectively and if it’s time to delegate some work; a teammate might be able to help you gain perspective on how one project fits into the larger picture. Much like writing things down can help provide some distance and clarity, being able to talk through a frantic situation can allow you a little breathing room and a new way of looking at things. 

Remember, above all else: Projects come and go. There will always be more work. It’s of the utmost importance to keep yourself healthy — drink your water, eat good foods, get plenty of rest, and keep trying. 

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