4 Reasons Why Communication is so Essential between Your Team

Remember the game Telephone, in which people try to relay messages but inevitably, the last person hears something totally different from what the first person said? 

That party game is the perfect example of why communication is important on a team: without good, clear, reliable communication, simple messages can get jumbled up, and important information is lost. 

Good communication is essential to successful businesses. It keeps information flowing, it keeps everyone on the same page, and it helps to dispel any confusion on a project as it moves from concept to completion. 

Here’s a handful of reasons communication is important and should be prioritized on your team. 

  • Effective communication keeps everyone on the same page.

    If all employees on a team are given the same instructions and are focused on the same goal, they will be working together as one cohesive unit to reach that shared goal. If one group of employees is told one goal, and another group is told something different, there’s no reason for them to understand how their tasks relate to each other, and the whole project can get derailed. When everyone is working together, they understand their role and piece of the puzzle in context. 

  • Quality communication might matter more than the quantity of conversations.

    A recent study found that the link between communication and performance might not be as strong as first assumed if part of the team is working remotely or in another location. Still, the stronger relationships are between colleagues when those relationships have had time to develop, the easier it is to relay information and instructions than when working with a new team. Quality communication, not the quantity of conversations between team members, can be a better and faster way of relaying information.

  • Acknowledge highs and lows together.

    When a project is completed on time or early, take a moment to celebrate that and make sure everyone is included. This will reinforce that everyone on a team had a role to play in meeting that milestone and that the achievement is a shared one. If there are struggles or problems, share that as a team, too, because you’re all in it together, in good times and bad. Good times are even happier when they are shared! 

  • Create a better work environment.

    When people communicate clearly and effectively, share information quickly, and make sure everyone is on the same page, it makes for a healthier and better functioning work environment. This helps to boost trust among coworkers and can foster a stronger team in which people know when to step up and help out as needed. Knowing and understanding each others’ strengths and weaknesses brings everyone closer and help keep the team mentality going.

  • Reduce conflict while improving relationships.

    When you’re working together toward a shared goal, everyone has a role to play, and everyone shares the wins equally. If there’s a conflict, especially if it’s caused by miscommunication, it can damage the team’s progress and morale. Ensuring adequate, quality communication across a team can help minimize conflict and keep the flow of ideas and priorities running smoothly and quickly. Conflicts will still arise, but if they are handled quickly and with respect, the team will be stronger overall. 

A team is only as strong as its communication skills: if everyone is held to the same standards, given the same expectations and instructions, and knows how their role fits into the more significant project, there will be less confusion and uncertainty and a great sense of shared responsibility. 

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