The 5 Top Soft Skills You Should Perfect Before Your Next Interview

Congratulations! You’ve landed the interview for a job that sounds great. You’ve got the interview outfit picked out, you’ve practiced your smile and the answers to some interview questions, and you have a few copies of your resume printed out and ready to go. 

But when the time comes and you’re asked about your soft skills, will you know what to say? Are you familiar with soft skills — and could you maybe use a little brushing up on them? 

Here are some in-demand and impressive soft skills to master before your next interview. 

  • Creativity.

    When someone tells you a story, do you see it unfold in your mind? Do you often find yourself thinking of designs or images when certain phrases pop up? Do you like looking at a box of children’s building bricks and thinking what other things could be made from the same pieces? Creativity is an important skill to hone, and it’s not something everyone can master. The ability to come up with different or out-of-the-box ideas and solutions is something many employers seek because it means you’re willing and able to take a problem and turn it into an opportunity. Offer examples of how you were able to think your way out of a seemingly tight corner with a solution no one else thought of. 

  • Time management.

    Are you a very organized, punctual person? Do you help other people run meetings or projects and always make sure things are done on time? When people need something done in a hurry, are you their go-to person for help? Time management skills are critical for busy working environments because they help make sure all parts and pieces are moving in the right direction and at the right pace. Discuss a time when you were able to keep a project on track, despite moving parts and new challenges added mid-stream. 

  • Communication skills.

    Communicating isn’t just being able to talk to anyone — but that does help! Can you convey ideas clearly and quickly? Can you write as well as you can speak? Are you comfortable sharing ideas verbally, in the written form, and for different audiences? Communication skills are the bedrock of any successful business because without being able to share a good story or make a good pitch about your company and what it can offer clients, growth will never happen. Having everyone on the same page is key to that success too! Share an example of a time when you were tasked with presenting big ideas to a large group of people, and things went better than you’d imagined. 

  • Leadership skills.

    Even if the position you’re applying for isn’t a manager-level one, the ability to get people to buy in to your idea, or to listen to your advice, can help bring a team together. The willingness to do the work and put in the time, leading by example, can be very persuasive. And having enthusiasm for the task at hand can bring others on board as well. Offer an example of a time when you helped turn the tide of a project, boosting the morale of your teammates and bringing people together for a common goal. 

  • Adaptability.

     Have you ever said, “That’s not my job” or “that’s not my responsibility” when someone asked for help? Have you taken on extra work to help out on a project even though you had your hands full? When someone says the original vision for a project has changed, do you jump in with energy? The ability to roll with the tide and adjust to conditions as they shift is a great one to have, and it’s one managers and bosses love to see because nothing ever goes exactly as they expect it will at the start. Life is change, and the ability to see, understand and respond to that calmly will serve you well. Provide an example to the interviewer of a time when a big project changed course, and you responded with enthusiasm and gusto. 


Hiring managers want to know that the person they’re interviewing is more than just words on a page. Your work-based skills, training, and qualifications got you in the door, but your soft skills will help you stand out from the crowd. Talking them up could be a sure-fire way to help win you the position! 

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