When is The Right Time to Quit and Find a New Job?

Sometimes it’s obvious when the time has come to find a new job. Others, the little signs are there, but they can be hard to see. And sometimes, everyone knows you’re ready to move on long before you do. 

There are definitely indications that the time has come to look for greener pastures or at least some new walls. 

Here are some signs to watch for to help you realize it’s time to look for new opportunities. 

  • Your skills are going to waste.

    If you’re a specialist in your position, but you’re not utilizing your talents, it might be time to go elsewhere. If you were hired for your job based on a key experience in your background, but after a while, those skills aren’t being utilized, it might be time to go. Skills that aren’t regularly used will dull and become outdated over time if they are not kept up and utilized. 

  • Your career feels stalled.

    If you realize you’re no longer passionate about your work or that what you’re currently doing in your job is not what you want to do, it might be time to start looking around. Spending time in a job that feels like it’s going nowhere, with little room or opportunity to advance or learn something new, can be dangerous: some hiring managers will ask why you stayed in a job for a certain length of time and, if you can’t provide a positive answer, it can hurt you in an interview by coming across as lack of ambition. 

  • The company’s future isn’t stable.

    It might be hard to tell, but if executives start to leave in groups, or clients are ending their contracts, and new ones aren’t taking their place, it’s time to brush up your resume. A company that’s not in good financial standing or that is losing its leadership and longtime relationships with clients or partners are essentially the sign that the ship is sinking, and you need to look for a life raft to protect yourself and your future. 

  • You feel undervalued.

    When was the last time someone noticed your work and gave you a compliment? When was the last time someone said please or thank you? Are you treated with respect? If you don’t feel like a valued, trusted, and appreciated member of a team, know that you deserve to feel like you matter. Find a new place that will be glad to have you as part of their team every day. 

  • The work environment is unhealthy in any way.

    This could be literal or figurative. If your work environment, for example, doesn’t follow environmental regulations, doesn’t adhere to safety specifications, doesn’t properly take steps to ensure the safety of its workers, it’s time to go. If there are OSHA violations, make a note and pass them along. But unhealthy work environments are also ones in which there’s a lot of stress, and people are nasty to each other; managers don’t show any respect for their employees or otherwise insult and abuse them. You’re an adult and don’t need to be micromanaged. Staying in an unhealthy work environment for too long could have plenty of negative effects, including hurting your ability to trust coworkers and your self-confidence, damage that can last for years. 

Ultimately, you are responsible for your career and where it goes. You need to do what’s best for you and your life. But if the writing’s on the wall, it’s time to see what else is available. 

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