Why You Should Showcase Bilingual Skills On a Resume

When writing up your resume, you might focus mainly on the job experience, training, skills, and other abilities that pertain to the work and job itself. 

It might not come to mind that speaking more than one language is something worth mentioning. 

Think again! 

As the workplace becomes more international, with global reach and interests, having employees who can speak more than one language is something companies are increasingly seeking. It’s an asset to have someone available who can help translate conversations, approve communications and relay important information. 

It’s also important how you share this information. Most recruiters and hiring managers only have a few seconds to look at a resume and glean the most important information, so any language skills above and beyond the norm needs to stand out. If you’re fluent in a language other than English, call it out. If you’re a native speaker of a different language, identify that as well, as it changes your understanding of a language compared to someone who learned it in school. 

If you want to include this information, make sure to call it out in the “skills” section of your resume because that’s what it is: A skill that can help set you apart from others applying for the same position. If the job doesn’t call for any language proficiencies, it won’t hurt to include this information anyway, because the world is changing and a company might not need to do business in a different language today, but having the opportunity tomorrow could open up new markets or clients. 

Speak more than two languages but to varying degrees of proficiency? In your “skills” section, referencing your abilities and level of expertise. If you’re fluent in Spanish, have a basic-level grasp of French, and grew up conversing in Arabic and English, include those details in a bulleted list, with the languages in which you’re most comfortable at the top and listing languages in decreasing order of proficiency. 

There are flexibilities in thinking that comes with speaking multiple languages. Being able to hear something in one language and respond to it in another one shows dexterity and quick-thinking skills that can help make you a flexible and efficient employee — and one who can be an excellent addition to a team that is becoming more diverse by the year. Be proud of your skills! 

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