Warehouse Management Tips to Keep Your Team Productive 

It’s oh so easy to get distracted at work these days. People usually keep their phones in their pockets, and constant dings and beeps and whistles alerting them to new social media posts, texts, and emails can make it nearly impossible to get anything done. 

But as a warehouse manager, it’s important to keep people focused and safe to make sure the job gets done. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep your team productive and on task. 

  • Safety first.

    Make sure your warehouse is a safe one. If workers don’t have to worry about faulty equipment, dangerous work environments, improperly stored materials, etc., they can focus on the task at hand. All safety training should also be designed to be as efficient and job-relevant as possible in order to keep employees focused on it instead of letting their minds wander by taking too long. 

  • Change the bulbs.

    Here’s a bright idea: switching to a more energy-efficient LED lighting system will help your company in two ways. It will help reduce your energy bills while also providing a slightly cooler work environment, as LEDs are brighter but don’t give off as much heat as conventional bulbs. This is especially important in the summer when warehouses become incredibly hot and workers easily get tired and distracted from sweaty conditions. 

  • Cross-train employees.

    By teaching employees how to do a few different tasks, you’re creating backup systems in case of vacations, sick employees, or increased demand on a project deadline. It also helps your employees learn more about your company — maybe it will inspire some to want to pick up new skills and tasks or to take on a more leadership-oriented role! 

  • Keep it organized.

    This is like cleaning out the junk drawer at home or looking for your keys on a cluttered desk. The more time people have to spend looking for something they need, the more time is wasted, and the more frustrating things become. Keeping your warehouse organized from top to bottom makes it much easier and faster to find items, move equipment, fill orders, and do other tasks. Having to hunt for every little thing, or needing to rearrange items in order to move machinery, means money and time down the drain. 

  • Offer incentives.

    Sometimes, it pays to pay. Some people are motivated by praise — make a point to call out your employees who are doing a great job, either in front of the whole team or privately. Others are motivated by cash — offer a reward for finishing a job early, meeting a deadline, or for some friendly competition on a team. If people feel like they’re recognized for working hard and that their efforts are noticed and appreciated, they’ll continue to work FOR something instead of just putting in their time. 

Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to keep people focused and moving forward. Other times, good old-fashioned bribery gets it done. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to know what will get your team’s attention and make things happen. 

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