How Contract Work Leads to Career Advancement

If taking a “contract” job brings to mind negative connotations and concerns about moving backward in your career, it’s time to think again. 

Contract work is an excellent way to learn new skills, try new jobs and become a more well-rounded and versatile employee — all of which makes you a more attractive candidate! 

Here’s how doing contract work can help advance your career in ways you might have never considered: 

  • There’s high demand for short-term, project-based work.

    Companies need people who can drop into a project, get it finished, and move on to the next job.  The good news for people who take those jobs is that this helps you establish a reputation as someone who knows what they’re doing, works with purpose, and can complete tasks on a deadline. It also helps build creativity and mental nimbleness, moving from organization to organization and juggling different tasks without a large amount of oversight. 

  • It might pay better than other kinds of work.

    Companies who need fixers, essentially, are willing to pay a higher rate for an employee who comes in for a set length of time on a dedicated assignment. If you’re between positions or trying to figure out your next move, a contract job could help extend your savings and keep your bills paid until you find your next permanent gig.  

  • Build on your existing skillset.

    Like any job you’d apply to, contract jobs will be looking to hire someone with certain abilities and knowledge. But with a contract job, there’s also the opportunity to expand on what you already know, adding new skills and techniques, or even learning a different aspect of a job you’ve done previously. This all works well to beef up your resume for future opportunities and helps increase your knowledge and comfort level, opening new doors for you later. 

  • Connections are important.

    The more people you meet through your work, the more people you’ll know in the future. Every manager or foreman you meet while on contract jobs is someone you can impress and, potentially, someone who can help you land a full-time job at a company you like or for a position you’re interested in. Expand your network while making a name for yourself! 

  • Contract jobs can become full-time ones.

    Companies sometimes leave the proverbial door open for making temporary jobs permanent, full-time ones. The position you take today might not even be up for consideration as a permanent one, but if you do a great job and prove your worth and competency at the skills you’re tasked with performing, it’s possible that door could be opened for you. After all, it’s easier and more efficient for a company to hire someone they know who knows their culture and expectations than to bring in a brand new person and start from scratch. Why not you? 

Contract jobs also offer flexibility, the same employment protections as full-time jobs, a shorter time between the initial interview and starting work, and can introduce you to jobs you never knew you’d like. It’s all worth considering! 

If you’re ready to make a move, call Debbie’s Staffing today. We work with companies looking for skilled employees just like you, for permanent and temporary work. Call us today, and let’s get started! 

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