How to Identify Strong Work Ethic in Warehouse Candidates

An employee with a strong work ethic is one that all managers are looking to find and hire. These employees are up for just about any task tossed their way; they’re ready to get the job done without any drama and are eager to stay busy for their entire shift. 

But how do you identify a strong work ethic? How do you know which employees possess this characteristic, or how can you bring this out of a current employee? 

Here are a few tell-tale signs to look for. 

  • Dependability.

    These employees always show up on time, if not a little early. They’re not likely to call out sick or show up late unless something is really wrong, and they’ll also explain their delay or absence. Because it happens so infrequently, you know they really could not avoid the situation. These employees are also the ones who are ready to give a little extra or stay a little later to help their team complete a project in order to meet a deadline. 

  • Discipline.

    A disciplined employee will be less affected by distractions, less likely to leave things undone, and less likely to do sloppy work. They will pay attention to detail and will be almost methodical in their tasks, not cutting corners or playing fast and loose with their responsibilities. They will do everything they can to do the job right every time. 

  • Cooperation.

    Employees with a strong ethic will do everything they can to make sure the team is working together like a well-oiled machine. They want to be mediators and deal makers, keeping everyone on the same page and working for the same goal. They know sometimes they’ll be asked to do a little more, or to take on some extra responsibilities, in order to help the team. So long as someone else helps them out when they need it and things even out in the end, everything is just fine. 

  • Flexibility.

    Things happen. Life happens. Some days things won’t go as they’re supposed to, and people will be asked to work late or to pick up a weekend shift. Maybe an employee used to addressing certain tasks will be asked to change roles for the day; the employee with a strong work ethic will be willing and ready to step into a different job in order to keep things rolling. Their attitude is representative of the idea that everyone is in this together; what helps the team out today is good for everyone. 

  • Good communication skills.

    If everyone is on the same page, everyone is working toward the same goal and understands their responsibilities. Employees with a strong work ethic are willing to help explain things or work with a colleague to figure out a solution to a problem. They are good listeners and can relay information quickly and clearly to anyone who needs help. 

Some employees will display their strong work ethic from the start; others will grow into it as they grow and thrive in their position. But an employee who has it is worth praise and thanks for their efforts because they will improve the productivity of everyone around them. 

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