How Employers Can Show Their Employees They are Valued

A little appreciation can go a long way. 

While still going through what some call the Great Resignation, you might be concerned about making sure your employees know they’re valued and appreciated. After all, employees who feel taken for granted or overworked might start looking for new opportunities, leaving you in a lurch and possibly creating a string of other resignations and high turnover. 

Don’t fret. Here are some ways to show your employees they are valued and important. 

  • Encourage their talents at work.

    Employees who feel like their skills are getting dull or outdated by doing the same thing over and over might start to look for new opportunities elsewhere that could give them the chance to learn something new. Instead, encourage them to shadow other people at work to add new skills or offer training and educational programs to help them develop additional knowledge and talents.

  • Encourage them.

    Your employees are people who work hard. They’re trying every day to do the best they can, at work and at home. Sometimes that’s difficult! Don’t shy away from giving pep talks, either to a whole team or on an individual basis. Words of encouragement can help people feel seen and appreciated, especially if the compliments and encouraging words are personal and specific. 

  • Be flexible.

    Life happens, and it doesn’t always happen at a time that is beneficial or conducive to work. Be an understanding manager and work with your employees to address personal needs as they come up. Maybe this means offering a 10-hour day to give someone a long weekend to tend to family matters; maybe this means flexing shifts to allow someone to come in later or leave earlier. It’s a compassionate solution that your team will feel good about. 

  • Look for the leaders.

    You can probably name quickly a handful of employees who are respected and looked up to by their peers. Encourage those people to take a more leadership role, leading teams and projects and taking on additional responsibilities. Nurture their talents and abilities and remind them that they’re leaders because people respect them and they’re inspiring. You’re lucky to have them! 

  • Ask for feedback and then make changes based on it.

     Let your employees know you want to hear from them: The good, the bad, and especially the ugly. Make it clear that you might not be able to fix every problem instantly, but you’ll do what you can to improve a situation. Provide updates on how their concerns are being addressed or how changes are being made — they’ll feel like you value their input. 

  • Sing their praises.

    Encourage your employees to shine a light on their teammates who are doing great work — you’re only one person and might not be able to see all the great things going on in your workplace. Create a system of recognition and appreciation where your hardest workers, or those who went above and beyond, can receive a little attention and applause. So often, people feel invisible at work; let them know they are seen, valued, and a major contributor to your company’s success. 

Employees who feel underappreciated will not stay in their positions long. A few words of encouragement, appreciation, and thanks can make a big difference! 

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