Looking For Temporary Employees For The Fall? Debbie’s Staffing Has Got You Covered!

Fall is a busy time of year as people wrap up their summer vacations and get down to the business of ending the year on a high note. 

That might also mean your company could be facing a lot of extra projects, requiring a few more hands to keep up with demands and client expectations. 

Fear not! Temporary employees are just the thing you need to take on extra work, keep up with your regular clients and not miss a beat. 


Here’s why temporary workers are a great option and how Debbie’s Staffing can help:


1. Flexibility!

Being able to bring on one or two people, or more, for a project means you’ll have extra hands when you need them without having to add someone to your payroll full-time. You’ll have the support and skills to meet the extra work without having to rack up overtime hours for your current, permanent employees, and when the job’s done, your temp workers move on to their next assignment.

2. It’s like a long-running interview.

Right now, the demand for extra workers might be temporary. But who knows what the future might bring — maybe this increased demand is an indication of things to come. By bringing in temp workers, your team can get a look at potential future job candidates and get to know them and how they work. Should you need to add permanent staffing in the future, you’ll already have people in mind who can come in ready to go on day one.

3. Bring on specific skills without having to train.

When your workload goes through the roof and you need people right away who can step in and get the job done, staffing companies like Debbie’s Staffing can find people with the exact skills and abilities you need. They’ll be able to come in and get right to work, no training needed.

4. No extensive interview process required!

The best thing about working with a staffing agency like Debbie’s Staffing to find temporary workers is that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Tell us what you’re looking for, how many people, and for how long, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll go through our candidate database and find people who can do just what you need, who are open to work for the duration of your project, and we’ll send them along. You don’t have to conduct a single interview or go through an onboarding process.

5. It’s a cost-effective solution.

Temporary workers don’t qualify for benefits, insurance, paid time off or other perks that are offered to full-time permanent employees. You also won’t have to put money into advertising, promoting the job posting as you would for a traditional position, or lose productivity by having round after round of interviews.


If your orders and deadlines are starting to pile up, turn to Debbie’s Staffing to help secure some temporary workers to help keep things moving right along. 

Curious about how this all works? Give us a call today and we’ll gladly explain all the services we can provide.