Ways To Attract More Diverse Candidates

Did you know that companies with a diverse workforce are more successful and profitable than their competitors? 

Research suggests diverse companies can be up to 33% more profitable than those companies with more homogenized, less diverse staffing — that alone should be reason enough to take a look around and ask if your team could use some new people and perspectives. 

But how can you attract more diverse candidates, especially if you’re in a field that has traditionally drawn from a small talent pool? 


Here are a few ways to get started:


Be intentional.

If you’re looking to reach different communities with your job postings, create a hiring strategy that is supportive of different groups, people, backgrounds and experiences. Work to create relationships and outreach programs, including by offering job shadowing and mentoring efforts to help gain familiarity with your company and industry. 

Re-read your job posting with a careful eye toward bias.

This is not to suggest that your current job descriptions and open position information are outright slanted toward one group of people or another. But there are some phrases or expressions that might unintentionally dissuade some candidates from applying, limiting your pool of applicants and hindering your company’s ability to bring in people with different backgrounds and abilities. 

Utilize the tools available to you.

Work with staffing agencies (like Debbie’s Staffing!) or job boards designed to reach specific audiences, including organizations like Hire Purpose, which helps match veterans with jobs, Hire Autism, Recruit Disability, and Diversity Working. These organizations can help get your information in front of people from underserved populations, people who are eager to work but might be passed over otherwise. 

Make diversity a priority throughout your company.

Take a look at your website and social media presence. Specifically, look at the photos used in these locations. If there’s a lack of diversity in the photos you’re using to tell the world about your company, why would someone who doesn’t reflect that image feel comfortable or welcome to apply? It might not be intentional, but it might not be encouraging either. By adding new faces to your online presence, you’re creating a more equitable environment. 

Ask for referrals.

You never know who your team already knows. There might be some fantastic candidates who would be perfect for your company just waiting to be introduced. Talk with your employees when a new job opens up and maybe institute a referral bonus program, if you don’t have one already, to encourage recommending job candidates who successfully apply. A vote of confidence from a friend can go a long way! 


Above all else, remember to set goals and track your progress as you try to expand the diversity in your team. If you’re not monitoring your efforts, how will you know if you’re successful in them? 

If you’re looking for a little more help or diversity hiring advice, call Debbie’s Staffing. We’re ready to help share more tips and we can utilize our candidate database to provide some great employees who are ready to get to work right away. Contact Debbie’s Staffing now and start making progress!