How an Established Staffing Agency Can Help You Find the Perfect Candidates for the Job

There are only so many hours in the day and having to go through resumes takes up a lot of time. When you have a mountain of paperwork to sort through, interviews to schedule, discussions to have, and other factors to consider, wouldn’t it be great to shorten the timeline and get straight to the best candidates right away? 

That’s how a staffing agency like Debbie’s Staffing can help. 

Here’s how working with a staffing agency can help you identify top talent faster and more efficiently:

We can post the job for you.

To help save even more time, we can set up the job description and post it on our website and social media channels to help cast the widest net to find you the best possible candidates. That way, the resumes come directly to us and you don’t even need to worry about sorting them before we try to pick the most qualified candidates. 

We’ll sort resumes for you.

When Debbie’s Staffing starts working with a new client, we learn everything there is to know about your company. You tell us the kind of skills that are important for the jobs you have available and what kind of background would be ideal for the positions that are open. Then you get back to work. Based on what you’ve told us, we’ll review resumes submitted for your open position and will sort out the best candidates that meet your needs. 

We can conduct preliminary interviews.

Now that we have a number of qualified candidates ready to learn more about your job and who have the background you’re looking for, we can help streamline the hiring process even more by conducting preliminary interviews. We can gauge the candidate’s experience and expertise, their level of interest in the position, and whether they’d be a good fit for your company’s culture and working practices. 

We can offer skill tests.

Staffing agencies like Debbie’s Staffing can take qualified candidates and further narrow the group down to the most qualified by offering a few skill tests, based on your needs, to see who stands out. Whether it’s a writing test, a logic test, or even a test that can reveal certain elements of a person’s character and personality, all of which can help us find exactly the right candidates for your company. 

We only bring you the best.

At the end of our processes, we give you a small selection of highly qualified candidates, all of whom are qualified, with the skills and abilities you need, all of whom are compatible with your company’s culture and interests, all of whom are ready to get to work right away. You just need to conduct final interviews and pick the one that’s the best fit.


You only have so many hours in the day to spend on hiring a new employee, but working with Debbie’s Staffing can make things so much faster and easier. We do all the heavy lifting and sorting, giving you the freedom to focus on your regular work until our search and review process is completed. 

Ready to get started? Call Debbie’s Staffing today and learn more about how we can help individualize a search for you.