5 Ways to Invest in Your Employees

Do your employees know you appreciate them? Have you taken steps to boost employee retention and cut turnover? One of the best ways to do both is by investing in your employees. 

This doesn’t need to be a big expense! It can be small steps that help keep your employees happy, feeling fulfilled and appreciated, and can help you avoid the costly process of having to find, hire and train new employees. 

Here’s how to invest in your employees and keep them under your roof:

Create employee development programs.

People can tire of the routine of their jobs the longer they stay. They can feel concerned that their skills are getting outdated or that they’re not being challenged. If you create a system in which people can learn new skills, have access to training to understand new trends and tools in the industry, and to continue to grow and be challenged, they won’t need to look elsewhere to learn new things or stay engaged in their work. 

Start a mentorship system.

Sometimes employees can feel like they’re working alone. They’re siloed from other teams or maybe they’re struggling a little, personally or professionally, and that isolation can wear on them. Or maybe they’re learning something new, or are new to the job, and need a little help. A mentor can be a sounding board, a counselor, a trainer or just a friend, someone to go to when they need support. Mentors could also help cross-train someone to learn new skills in the company or learn more about a job in which they’re interested and might want to learn more about before making a change.

Prioritize work-life balance.

If we’ve learned nothing in the past few years, it’s the importance of creating boundaries and preserving them as far as our work lives and our home lives. It’s important to have space between the two. People need to know they can adjust their schedules, occasionally and when needed, in order to be there for their loved ones, without sacrificing their position and good standing at work. Good managers who keep their employees lead with compassion and understanding — and by example, by taking the time needed to be there for your own family. This also involves taking vacations and encouraging your team to do the same, utilizing the time off they’ve earned in order to rest, relax and recharge without burning out. 

Make the workplace a pleasant place to be.

Do your employees have fun at work? Actual fun, not the cheesy corporate kind of “fun” that feels forced and insincere? Your employees should, at a bare minimum, not mind coming in to work each day. Ideally, they’d look forward to coming in, because they all get along with their colleagues and they enjoy each other’s company as much as the work they’re doing. If your employees dread coming to work, it doesn’t matter what else you offer them, they won’t like being there and they’ll find a reason to leave. Start with the little things, like recognizing birthdays and workplace anniversaries. Call out milestones and achievements and celebrate wins, no matter how small. This all works into your corporate culture and creating a sense of unity and support, which can alleviate stress and make your workplace a more welcoming one. 

Make sure your pay is competitive.  

If your competition is paying their people more than you do, you’ll have an uphill climb to keep your team together. If you can’t match or beat the pay, the next best thing is to match or exceed the benefits they offer. Money isn’t the only thing people want when they come to work, or at least not for everyone; sometimes people want camaraderie, friendship, shared goals and experiences. But money goes a long way toward keeping people happy and committed to the work they’re currently doing, instead of looking for a new place. 


There are many ways to retain your workers and invest in their future. And remember, an investment in their future is an investment in the future of your company as well: Retaining good workers, keeping their institutional memory and keeping a good team together means increased productivity and a steady, reliable workforce. It’s a win-win! 

If you’re looking for additional advice, or if it’s time to add to your team, contact Debbie’s Staffing. Our experts would be glad to provide extra insight or, if the time has come, we’ll go through our job candidate database and help you find a great new employee. Contact Debbie’s Staffing today and let’s get started!