Why Hiring for Temp Positions Can Help Your Business

Whether it’s a busy time of year or an unexpected large project falls into your company’s lap, sometimes you just cannot maintain your productivity rate with the team you have on hand. 

But don’t panic: the solution is hiring temporary workers. 

Maybe you’re suddenly shorthanded and need someone to jump in and contribute, but you don’t want to go through the whole hiring process on a position that might not be needed in six months — who wants to hire someone (and invest all the time and resources in that process) only to have to lay them off later? 

The solution is hiring temporary workers. 

Temporary workers are those brought on to your team for a set amount of time. They are selected because they have the skills and expertise you need for a specific task and, when the project is over, you shake hands and part ways and everything goes back to how it was before. 

Here’s how hiring a temporary worker, or workers, can help your business:

Added flexibility.

Bringing on extra hands means your current team, while stretched thin and feeling a little overwhelmed, can focus on their jobs without burning out. A temp worker who can cover several positions in your company means they can help a number of teams and jobs, changing things up from day to day, to provide relief and assistance as needed. It’s like getting multiple workers in one! 

Quick coverage.

Temporary workers are available to start a new job right away, in most cases, and will take positions if they’re available for the duration of the need. That means you’re getting someone ready to start working the day you need them, no fuss, no muss. An employee is suddenly out on family leave, or needs to take a long medical sabbatical? A temporary worker is there, keeping the productivity going, until your team member is ready to turn. 

Long-term tryout.

If your company might be on the verge of an expansion but you’re not quite there yet, temporary workers are a great solution: It gives you both the opportunity to see whether they’d be a good fit for your company and the position they take. It’s like a job audition without any strings attached. If the company grows, you know you have someone in place who can seamlessly move into a permanent position, giving a temp worker the chance to have steady, regular work. Or if the person isn’t a good fit, you can move on to someone else. 

It saves time and money.

Temp workers don’t need to go through the usual hiring process. They typically are not eligible for benefits like permanent hires. They’re faster to bring onboard and usually have the skills needed to do the job for which they’re hired, meaning there’s not as large a learning curve — they might need to learn the particulars of your company’s procedures, but they know how to do the job, and that’s the important part. A temporary position might take a few days to fill, compared to the weeks or months it takes to hire a permanent employee. 

If this sounds like the solution you need, temporary workers might be just the answer to help alleviate. It’s a smart way to fix a short staffing issue and can help make your company even more successful! 

If you’re ready to give temporary staffing a try, contact Debbie’s Staffing. We can help you find the temporary help you need just from the candidates we work with — we might have the perfect person for you just waiting for a call! Call Debbie’s Staffing today and let’s see how we can work together.