How to Continue Your Job Search in Times of Recession

The world is a tricky place sometimes, especially when you’re looking for a new job. 

The past few years have been difficult, starting with the pandemic that threw everything and everyone for a loop, followed by a challenging hiring market, and now waves of economic uncertainty. 

It’s important to remember there are still jobs out there to be found, new positions looking to be filled, and companies who want to hire new employees! You might just need to be a little more patient and diligent when looking for your new opportunity. 

Here are some tips on how to job search during a recession:

Readjust your search.

You might have a dream job in mind, one that was perfectly reasonable and attainable when you started looking. Things are a little different now, and you might, sadly, have to put that dream aside for a little while. This isn’t to say you need to give up forever on that dream; it just means you might need to readjust your expectations and the kind of position you’re looking for right now. 

Build your skills.

Instead of only looking for one job, consider any positions that might help you get the skills and hands-on training that could make you even more attractive to that dream job when it becomes available again. Or learn something entirely different and new — you never know what new passion or talent you might find by trying something outside your comfort zone or realm of expertise. 

Consider which industries are most in need of new hires.

It might also be an excellent time to take a different approach altogether. There are certain industries that have a higher need for new people right now or lines of work that are steadier or always in need of new employees. These include health care, border patrol, security, technology, teaching, data entry, energy, oil and gas, and plenty of others.

Use this time to update your resume and cover letters.

Practice makes perfect! Make sure your resume is in the best possible shape (and maybe have a few different versions available to fit the jobs and industries to which you’re applying). Have a friend or two or someone you’ve worked with previously review your resume and give you suggestions on how to really sell yourself and your skills. You want to make sure you’re ready to impress when the right opportunity comes along. 

Call in reinforcements.

When things get tough, be smarter than the challenge. Why not call in a professional who can help? Working with a recruiter or staffing agency can go so far and help so much in finding a new career! Debbie’s Staffing, for example, partners with companies that are always looking for new job candidates and might just be the best way to start your next chapter. 


The job market during a recession might be even scarier and more frustrating than during normal times. Reset your expectations, give yourself and the process a little patience, and prepare to be open-minded about the opportunities that come your way. You can do it! 

And Debbie’s Staffing is standing by, ready to help you find your path. Take a look at the positions we’re currently working to fill, and then give Debbie’s Staffing a call. We’re standing by to help you start your future!