Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business

So much is said about spring cleaning for people’s homes — a time to open the windows, clear the dust and bring in some fresh air after a long, cold winter of being cooped up inside. 

But why stop there? Your business could likely benefit from some spring cleaning as well! This is a great time to take a moment and declutter, get organized, maybe hit refresh on some initiatives or projects. You’re deep enough into the year that end-of-year reports are in the rearview; the busy summer months are still ahead of us. 

Here’s how to spring clean your business:

Clean up your website.

When was the last time your website had an update? Or your social media presence? It’s time to do a little tidying up. Start small: make sure your contact information is all correct and that your current list of staff who can be found online is up-to-date and accurate. Then take a look at the photos on your page. Do they look a little dated? Might be time to take some new ones! After that’s been updated, make sure your website as a whole doesn’t contain any information, or offer any products or services that are no longer useful or valid. A few new photos and some new information or content can do wonders to keep your page looking fresh and engaging for customers and potential clients. 

Review your business plan.

Odds are you set some goals for the year ahead, or at least the first quarter or two of the new year, back in December or January. Now’s a great time to open those goals again and see whether they’re still relevant. Are you on track to meet your goals? Even better, are you ahead of schedule? That’s great! But if you’re falling behind, or if things need to be reassessed and realigned, now’s the time to do it. Keep your focus on what’s ahead and make changes based on where you are now in order to get there, on time and on target. 

Review your collateral.

Doesn’t matter if it’s online only or if you have printed materials, a good collateral clean-up can be insightful as well as eye-opening. You’ll want to archive anything that isn’t currently offered or available and delete it from your website, in addition to tossing any paper copies in the recycling bin. For current offerings of products and services, make sure the terms and prices are still applicable or update them accordingly. Do you have collateral that is up-to-date for everything you do? Now’s a good time to take inventory of the hard copies you have on hand and determine whether you really need all of them. Sale sheets are key! Make sure everything is accurate so you’re not over- or underpromising your customers. Then make sure everything in print and everything online matches. It’s time-consuming work but it’ll streamline your processes in the future. 

Clean up your books.

While you’ve likely already filed, or prepared, information for your taxes, it’s a good excuse to make sure your books are in good order, with everything properly marked and noted and all records are in good shape. Make sure you have a good filing system to keep track of all income, expenses, purchases, orders, etc., to make sure all your accounts are in good standing. It’s so easy during the busier stretches for things to be put aside with every intention of putting things in the right place later; but sometimes those busy stretches don’t subside for months, which is great for your business but leaves things a bit of a mess if you’re not careful. 

Grab the broom and recycling bin.

Spring cleaning is about freshening up and clearing out the old dust that’s been collecting for a while. Your office might be in need of some actual physical cleaning too! Set aside time for everyone to pitch in, even if that just means a desk clean-up day where lunch is provided and extra trash and recycling bins are brought by. Supply the cleaning materials and make it a fun afternoon, with no meetings, no deadlines, no other pressing demands, just time to work together to clean up your space. Make it a dress-down day if your dress code is usually a little more formal. Tidy spaces make for safer environments, plus it’ll help brighten up the mood of your employees who will see this as their own fresh start and spring reset. 


Spring cleaning is for everyone and everything. It’s a great excuse, or opportunity, to give yourself and your business a little organization, a little sunlight and some fresh air. Who doesn’t need fresh air after a long winter?

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