Top 5 Podcasts for Job Seekers

Looking for a new job can be a journey filled with ups and downs. It can be easy to feel discouraged if things don’t go your way or if it takes longer than you expected. 

But we live in the golden age of podcasts! There are shows to meet every need, help fix every problem and to provide both guidance and reassurance as you navigate the job search toward your goal of an exciting new opportunity. 

Here are a few of the best to motivate, inspire, assist, and maybe even keep you entertained as you send out applications:

Find Your Dream Job

Hosted by Mac Prichard, this podcast, running on average for 30 minutes, discusses all aspects of job hunting, from how to address gaps in your resume to why thinking like a hiring manager can help position you for a great interview. You’ll benefit from the interviews with experts while being entertained! 

How To Be Awesome At Your Job

Why not pick up some new skills while looking for a new job? This podcast helps provide tips on how to add to your skill set in ways that will help further your career and make you really good at it. There’s even an episode about how best to search jobs online in order to find one that meets all your aspirations for a perfect job!

Career Cloud Radio

Now here’s a show that knows what it’s doing — Career Cloud Radio has been dishing out advice for more than 11 years! Each 30-minute episode includes an interview from host Justin Dux, sharing advice on how to appeal to hiring managers, how to avoid being overqualified for positions and hundreds of other topics that can help you land your next job. 

Career Tools

This highly respected podcast, winner of the Podcast Awards Best Business Podcast in 2010, helps you utilize all the tools available to you to find your new job. It also helps you build confidence while you work in general, from learning how to say no without guilt or giving in to pressure to how to effectively present information through Zoom meetings when you can’t physically command attention. There’s even a three-episode series that can tell you how to best search for new jobs online using the power of Google in ways you might not have considered before! 

No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Hosted by Jeff Altman, each 15-minute episode is jam packed with great advice that you won’t get on other podcasts. He’s direct and to the point meaning there won’t be a wasted word — or wasted time on your part! If you’re looking for efficient advice, this is where you want to start. You can even submit questions for future episodes! 

Podcasts are great company when you take a break and go for a walk to get some fresh air after a long morning of job searching. Why not cue up one of these shows, or two, and see what inspires you?

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