Artificial intelligence can be a game changer for job seekers.

ChatGPT and other AI tools mean you can take your resume and any job opening description in which you’re interested and craft a resume that takes your skills, background, and experience and creates a resume that showcases how you’re a great fit for the job.
And it will do so in mere seconds.

We’ll provide instructions on how to do so in a moment. First, understand that….
…You should create a different resume for each job to which you apply.

Here’s why:
Recruiters and hiring managers are inundated with resumes and applications. They’re going to take one glance at yours (the average look is just 6-7 seconds). You MUST make sure they know without a doubt that your skills and background fit the job opening.

Time was – just a few months ago – that revamping a resume took at least one hour, possibly more.
Artificial intelligence has now made this tedious – yet absolutely critical – job search step done for you.
In fact, almost 70 percent of job seekers surveyed who have revamped their resumes using AI have “reported a higher response rate from companies.

What’s more, using AI to revamp your resume for each job also can help you “beat” the keywords that applicant tracking systems – used by many companies today “identify keywords that match the skills required for the job.

If that doesn’t absolutely encourage you to try this…..

By the way, this is not lying on your resume. All the AI does is look at what’s in the job description and then highlight the skills/education/attributes you mention on your resume that best fit the job’s requirements and then highlight them. Those skills, etc. will be right at the top. Unless you’ve lied on your resume, don’t worry that this somehow is cheating.

Step-by-step instructions for using the AI tool ChatGPT to revamp your resume for each job opening to which you apply
(These instructions most likely will be similar if you use a different AI tool.)
• Find a job in which you’re interested. Keep the job opening’s webpage open in a browser window.
• Open your resume on your computer.
• Open ChatGPT Plus. (The tool is free, at least as of this writing.)
• Use this prompt in the “send a message” form: “Look at the following resume and the following job description. Create a resume that takes the information from the current resume so that it highlights my skills, background, and education that fit the job description.”
• Then copy and paste your entire resume.
• Then copy and paste the entire job description (don’t send the job description link; copy and paste the description in the message form).
• Hit the tiny arrow at the bottom right of the form. (The ChatGPT will get to work.)
You will need to retype/reformat your resume as the AI won’t do that for you.
But the hard work of reworking your resume so that it showcases how you’re a great fit for this particular job?

AI also can help you craft a cover letter for the job.

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