New Grads: No Job Lined Up (Yet)? Consider Registering with a Staffing Company

Are you graduating college this year and have not yet found your first “professional” entry-level job?

Chances are that you’re not alone: NBC reported on May 5 that the college class of 2023 is “graduating into a job market that is in flux, but a handful are still eager to hire.” The article also goes on to say that “career adaptability will be key for entry-level applicants as the economy continues to shift.” You truly are probably doing all the right things to land a job, but the job market is changing from the go-go-go candidate’s market of later 2020 and 2021 (and most of 2022).

Yet there’s one employment sector that you may have overlooked when it comes to finding work:

Staffing companies!

When you think of a staffing company you probably think of:

  • Low-level positions.
  • Temporary-only positions.
  • Low-paying positions.

We hope the information below will convince you otherwise.

Staffing companies such as ours offer different types of work and career opportunities:

  • Direct-Hire

Our clients come to us because they know we have a large database of qualified professionals whom we have vetted thoroughly and who can go to an interview/get hired very quickly. Looking to us to find direct-hire employees saves our clients considerably in time as well as money. We do all of the screening, preliminary interviewing, background checking, etc. (Our client will interview several candidates before making a choice.)

These positions often are entry-level, professional and are a great first step for a new college grad.

We’ll provide you with information about what the company is looking for, what the salary range is, what skills you possess that match the companies needs, and offer other information that will help you shine during your interview. Understand that you probably won’t be the only candidate from us who may be interviewing. And the client might be using another staffing company itself to find candidates. You also will never be our employee: if hired by the company, your first day will see you on their payroll. This costs you – the job candidate – nothing. Our client pays us a fee once they decide to hire you.

  • Contract-to-Hire 

These types of positions are such that you’ll be sent on a long-term assignment with us working for the client with the goal – if both of you are happy with each other – of being taken on to our client’s payroll after a certain amount of time has passed, usually about three months. We interview you before you go on assignment; you might – or might not – be interviewed by our client. You are our employee until/if you and our client decide you and the job are a good fit and our client hires you. A contract-to-hire assignment is a great way for you to decide if the job is something you want to continue. You’re under no obligation to accept the client’s offer of a job, if they do so.

  • Temporary

These are assignments of different lengths – from a few days to even several months – at which you’ll work on our payroll for our client. These are called “temporary” because they usually come with a firm end date. Yet many temporary assignments often turn into offers for employment from our clients. There’s no guarantee this will happen of course, but it happens often enough! (You’re also under no obligation to accept an offer of employment from the company at which you’re working if you decide it’s not a good fit for you.)

A little-known benefit of working as a temporary/contract employee of Debbie’s Staffing: 

You can try out different business sectors and positions with our clients.

Many new college graduates aren’t quite sure what type of job they want. They also often aren’t sure which business sector to choose. Working as a temporary team member with us means you can try different types of positions in different businesses and even career sectors, helping you learn what you like and don’t like about certain positions/businesses/career opportunities.

If you haven’t yet found your first post-college, professional position, take a look at our current opportunities and if one or more appeal to you, apply.

You also recommend that you consider sending us your resume/registering with us.