Members of the cohort known as GenerationZ now are in their mid- to early 20s. (The oldest were born in 1996 and will have turned/will turn 27 this year.)

That said, these young adults are extremely tech savvy; many call them “digital natives.” (It’s probably smart to remember that many of them may never have used a rotary-dialed phone, “called the operator” for information, typed on a regular typewriter, subscribed to a print newspaper, or used a lens-capped camera.)

You probably have some already on your payroll. More are coming – a lot more: This cohort is  expected to account for 27 percent of the world’s workforce by 2025, just 1.5 years away, and many millions are behind them.

What does this mean for employers?

If you haven’t started automating and bringing your recruitment efforts online, you’ll be…sunk.

Outdated recruitment methods are a major “no thank you” to these young adults. Failing to consider their preferences can result in missed opportunities to connect with these highly talented individuals. Yet you certainly don’t want to “alienate” members of the millennial, GenX and even the boomer generations who may not be as tech savvy.

Strategies to help you modernize your recruitment practices to attract GenZ without alienating older generations:
  • Mobile-first recruitment platforms are your friend.

GenZ is the first generation to have reached maturity (probably) without ever using a rotary phone: it’s smartphones, all the way. To appeal to this cohort, optimize your recruiting website and platforms for mobile devices and make absolutely sure that your company’s career pages are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. In addition – and this really is critical – simplify the application process so that candidates can upload resumes and cover letters from their remote devices: While most of them do own laptops, many members of GenZ conduct practically their entire lives via mobile phone. Let them choose which device they wish to use when applying for your positions.

  • Leverage digital platforms and social media channels.

GenZ is extremely active on social media/digital platforms, making them an ideal tool for your recruiting campaigns. Establish a strong presence on channels such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even Twitch and Threads. Create content that engages and showcases your company’s culture, values and opportunities for growth. Encourage current team members to share their experiences with you via videos and testimonials. These will help build trust and authenticity among potential GenZ applicants.

  • Acknowledge applications instantly.

GenZ expects – some might say “requires” – immediate feedback. Send an automated message confirming that you’ve received their application. Doing so helps build a positive impression and – even though it’s a relatively “simple” thing to do – shows your company’s commitment to transparency and communication, important qualities GenZ looks for in its employer.

  • Focus on inclusivity and transparency.

If it’s two things this generation highly values, they’re transparency and equity/inclusivity. Therefore, highlight your company’s inclusion and diversity efforts, employee resource groups and mentorship programs. In other words, showcase your commitment to equal opportunities and emphasize how job applicants from all generations can contribute and thrive within your company. Provide information on the pay rate for positions in the job description. Let candidates know when you expect to make a decision on who is offered the position (and if you can’t make a decision by your self-appointed deadline, let candidates know).

  • Personalize, personalize, personalize.

Tailor your recruitment efforts to individual candidates (regardless of their generation). Consider the unique strengths/interests of each one and how they mesh and align with your company’s goals/values. GenZ not only appreciates personalized experiences, it practically demands it, whether it’s in a retail, restaurant, entertainment, or job-search situation.

In fact, scratch that: ALL generations are looking for personalized experiences in all manner of situations.

Embracing tech is the future of recruiting ALL generations.

There’s a notable thread throughout this post: tech, tech and more tech. Yet there’s still an incredibly important part of the recruitment for all generations:

The human touch.

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