Augmented reality truly could revolutionize your company’s recruiting efforts, in positive ways for you AND for your job candidates.

Your candidate experience can rise, helping you introduce your company to candidates in very personal and dynamic ways.

Here are just a few of the areas in which you can use AR to improve your candidate experience and your recruiting efforts:

  • Candidate evaluation

AR will allow you to provide your candidates with what are known as “immersive experiences.” Holograms, for example.

Let’s say you’re interviewing a candidate remotely. AR can mean your candidate appears as a hologram, allowing you to check out their body language and interpersonal skills as well as their specific qualifications.

As for your candidate’s experience of the interview, they can “work” at their prospective job through simulation. They’ll be able to “touch” and “move’ objects, all while you can assess their reactions to problems, etc.

This “level” of interview allows you to get a more robust understanding of a candidate’s personality, skills and suitability for the role, much more so than is possible via video and phone.

  • Employee onboarding.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, right?  Even when sent via email, you and your chosen candidates are filling out and sorting through a lot of forms.

AR can mean you can overlay digital docs onto the “real” world in that new team members will be able to access real-time guidance, interactive content and even training modules. This is a much more robust onboarding process than normal and also can speed up your new employee’s learning process.

  • Talent acquisition.

Want to show off your company culture, current employees and job roles? AR lets you provide new hires with virtual tours, allowing new hires the chance to explore the office and interact with their soon-to-be colleagues, all while getting a real feel for a company’s culture without having to actually “be” there.

Adding AR to your recruiting efforts likely will improve your talent acquisition efforts, your track record in regard to candidate evaluation AND provide a truly welcoming candidate experience.

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