As 2024 approaches, many of us may be thinking of changing our jobs by looking for a new one or perhaps even looking into moving into a new career and/or business sector.

What are the top business sectors/industries for those of us thinking of making a move?

The job market truly is poised for some big changes:
  • We’re all going to have to adapt to an ever-evolving job market if we hope to stay competitive when it comes to landing jobs.
  • Remote work and even “green” jobs should gain some prominence in the near future
  • And that means candidates will need to upskill and reskill their talents if they hope to stay “attractive” to employers as the skills needed to perform well in jobs changes.
Here are just some of the business sectors that experts believe will remain – or grow more – “hot” in the coming years.
  • Tech, tech and tech again.

Roles in software development, data analysis and cybersecurity should be in extremely high demand.

Those with the skills to design, implement and secure technology will be at the top of many employers’ hiring lists. You’ll need to constantly learn how to stay on top of this ever-changing landscape in order to stay relevant.

But let’s not forget the need for administrative assistants who work in this sector. They’ll be needed to play an extremely important role in managing tech departments’ day-to-day operations.

  • The U.S. isn’t getting any younger: healthcare is going to continue to grow to care for an aging population.

The youngest members of the Boomer generation will reach age 65 in 2028. That means that many more of them already are in their 70s: the oldest members of this age cohort as of this writing are turning 80 in 2026. Remember that the human body tends to start having “major issues” starting around age 75 and it’s a no-brainer that the country will need healthcare professionals to help care for them.

GenX will start to turn 60 next year (2024). Millennials are starting to hit their mid-40s.

Our country NEEDS healthcare pros.

Yet we’re not just talking physicians, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, etc. We also will need different types of administrative pros to manage offices, enter healthcare data into computers, manage the desk at our local general practitioner’s office, etc.

  • Talented admin professionals will be needed to help “feed” the ecommerce beast.

When was the last time you purchased something online? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Chances are huge that it was within the last week or so. Yet many more  of us are purchasing something online every day: 45 percent of respondents to a 2023 survey said that they “purchase items via the internet multiple times a week.”

Therefore, while IT pros definitely will be in demand in the future, so also will be the customer service agents, administrative assistants, logistics coordinators, distribution center workers, etc. that work to help get the products to the consumer be in huge demand.

Many people love to talk about the increased need for high-level professionals in these different business sectors. 

This could serve to let those without the desire to work in those highly demanding jobs think they’ll be left behind.

But the opposite could well be the case because every single business sector needs admins, managers, line workers, etc.

Never think that these “hot” industries don’t need your talent. They do!

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