The members of Gen Z are getting older. (Dare we say it: the oldest will be 27 this year!)

Which means…they’ll be hitting 30 soon.

Their needs and wants may change as they grow older. But right now? This is what they’re looking for in employers:

  1. Opportunities for growth and advancement.

Job candidates, particularly those who are just starting their careers/work life, often want to find positions that offer a clear way to growth and advancement. They want to work for companies where they can learn new skills while also being challenged and allowed to grow. Businesses that provide robust training programs, mentoring opportunities and regular feedback will help them as they grow…and help you retain then as they grow in their skills and abilities.

  1. Work-life balance.

Gen Z of course isn’t the only age cohort that’s looking for a better balance between work and their personal lives, yet they’ve seen how detrimental it can be to the generations that came before them. What’s more, with the pandemic’s hybrid work options, being able to manage their professional/personal lives without burning out is incredibly important to them. Companies that understand – and respect – this attitude and which also offer provide generous PTO are much more likely to reap the benefits of a happy and productive workforce.

  1. A collegial company culture, one that emphasizes collaboration and “authentic” communication.

What’s a “collegial company culture”? It’s one that offers respect to everyone, highly values teamwork and embraces very transparent interactions among colleagues, customers and managers. These are the types of environments in which most employees will thrive (not just Gen Z) because they feel understood and valued.

  1. DEI policies.

Understand that while DEI is experiencing a good deal of push-back across the country, Gen Z has yet to get that memo: DEI policies remain quite important to this generation. Your Gen Z candidates are looking for companies that truly walk the talk of equity, diversity and inclusion, and that actively build them into their practices. Such practices include: equitable hiring, support for underrepresented/minority groups and even ongoing DEI programs and education.

  1. A need to feel that what they do MATTERS.

Lastly, members of Gen Z need to know that their work contributes to something bigger than themselves. They’re seeking job opportunities in which they can make a true difference, whether that be in their nearby communities or worldwide. A business that articulates its purpose/mission well and shows how each of its team members efforts ties into the company’s larger goals will help you attract members of this generation and then inspire them to do their very best on the job.

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