How are all of us doing right now?

Not well. Not well at all!

After all, when 90 percent of us “think there is a mental health crisis in the United States today, with half of young adults and one-third of all adults reporting that they have felt anxious either always or often in the past year,” one probably can figure out that “the kids”/they (we all, actually) are NOT all right!


There’s a good chance your job candidates want to know if your benefits include a robust health/wellness package.

After all, job candidates more and more are prioritizing health and wellness benefits when choosing among potential employers. They are looking for benefits that support not just their (and their family’s) physical health but also their emotional and mental well-being.

Here’s a bit more detail regarding what they seek:

A comprehensive health insurance plan.

Such “traditional” health benefits remain a top “must-have” for candidates, especially when considering how healthcare costs keep moving up. Candidates are looking for vision, dental and medical insurance. They’re also interested in programs that offer telehealth services, which allow them to access healthcare professionals and information without having to leave home.

Support for mental health.

As mentioned above, more and more of us are struggling mentally; there’s a big demand for mental health support from our employers. Such support could include days off for mental health needs, stress-reduction program, and more.

Wellness programs.

Above and beyond mental health support, are wellness programs to help employees become more physically active and living healthier. Such programs could include fitness classes onsite and gym memberships/subsidies, etc.

Flexibility in where they work (or even WHEN they work).

Employees want to work at home.

If you won’t be providing it, they’ll then at least want more policies that support a healthy work/life balance, such as being able to pick their children up from school, staying home when family members are sick, etc. What employees truly want is the flexibility to take care of their family/personal needs.

Retirement plans/financial counseling etc.

Your employees (well, everyone, actually), WANT to save for rainy days, retirement, etc. Yet they feel it’s well-almost impossible.

Because financial stress is a significant negative when it comes to overall well-being, employers that help their team members with financial/retirement education (offering financial counseling, as well) and even tuition reimbursement for themselves and/or their dependents help them feel more secure about their future. It also demonstrates a true commitment to your employees’ overall wellness.

Our lives are exceptionally busy: potential employees definitely will appreciate an employer who helps them navigate modern life’s complexities.

We also know how complex recruiting can be.

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