6 Tips to Get Employers to Notice Your Resume

Your resume is one of the most important things on your path to getting hired. You’ve got to develop one employer will notice.

Not sure how to do this? Here are 6 tips for a standout resume.

Make sure it will get through the scanner

Almost all companies use an automated tracking system (ATS) to scan incoming resumes. The ATS will kick out resumes that are unusually formatted, contain images, or are very complicated. Stick to a standard font on your computers, such as Times New Roman or Arial, with 11 or 12 point type. Use standard round bullets, not fancy ones. Never put pictures or videos on your resume.

Make sure you have the required skills

Your resume will not be noticed if you don’t have the qualifications for the job. Don’t see a job title or one qualification and assume your resume fits. Print out the job posting and circle or highlight the experience and skills required. If they want to experience in shipping and loading, and you have that, that’s great.

Look at the years of experience required

Also, highlight the number of years’ experience required on the posting. Your resume will be discarded if they want 5 years of experience and you have only been working for 6 months.

But employers are usually somewhat flexible with absolute years. If you are within a ballpark of the years of experience they’re asking for, that’s usually fine. It’s generally understood that “minimum 1 year of experience” means they don’t want an absolute beginner. If you’ve performed well for 9 months, that’s in the ballpark. A requirement of “3 to 5 years’ experience” means they want someone with a lengthy stretch of experience, but 2 ½ years or 6 years doesn’t disqualify you.

Mention any awards for good performance

Employers are looking to see if you meet the skills and experience required, but they are also keenly interested in really good performance. If you’ve ever received an award for performance or skills, be sure to highlight it on your resume.

That’s true if you’ve ever been part of a team cited for good performance. “Member of team given award for the most productive month, August 2016” can definitely make an employer sit up and take notice.

Quantify results

Employers also will sit up and take notice if you can state any measurable impact on sales or cost reductions. Why? Most businesses need to raise their sales and are always interested in cheaper ways to do business.

So if you have been told that a manufacturing department you were part of drove up production and sales 8% in a quarter, add it to your resume!

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