Advantages of Hiring Through A Staffing Agency

You have to hire some more people. That means you have to take time from an already busy schedule to brainstorm what you need most and write a job description. You have to make sure everything you need is included in the job description. You have to determine where to place the job ad, or work with your human resources department to do it.

That’s only the beginning. You have to gather, log and screen the resumes that come in. You have to choose the candidates to interview. You have to go through the interview process. You have to choose the best candidates.

In short, it can be both time-consuming for you and take a lot of productive time away from the company to hire even one person. If you need several or a group, it can really add up and take time away from your other needed work.

A Staffing Agency Can Help with Every Aspect of Hiring

Staffing agencies are pros in the hiring business. Your business may be manufacturing, industrial, or something else. Hiring is a part of it, sure, but it can’t be your main focus.

For staffing agencies, it is their main focus. They know how to develop accurate job descriptions for your industry. They have tons of experience doing it!

They know the best places to put the job ads, where they will attract the kind of hires you want.

They can screen incoming resumes for you, or work with your HR department.

They can do screening interviews or preliminary interviews.

They can even help onboard your staff.

It can be more efficient to work with a staffing agency than to try and do all aspects of the hiring process yourself or with HR.

Gain Expertise

Staffing agencies also give you the benefits of their expertise. Have you ever wanted some guidance on how to write a job description or how to screen for reliable workers, for example? Staffing agencies will be able to tell you. Again, they work with these issues all the time.

Do you want to know what salaries and benefits are in your business and in your area? Staffing agencies know that too. They can give advice on how to grow your retention figures.

Staffing firms can provide valuable assistance to managers. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.